Thinking About Throwing A Summer Garden Party?

 Summer is well and truly here, and the temperatures are set to rise again as we move into August. It is extra special this year with the vast majority of lockdown restrictions being lifted - it is a very much welcome event after the bleakness of the past 20 months. We all have a bigger appetite for social gatherings and events than ever before, keen to catch up with our friends and loved ones. 

Summer garden parties are expected to be a big hit in 2021, as they serve as a great way of hosting an event for friends and family. Because they are outdoors, they are generally considered safer in terms of being a possible COVID-19 transmission risk. They also are the combination of everything lovely - warm weather, light evenings, fresh air natural surroundings, food and drink, and of course, the company of people that you love.

Here are some of the things to think about on top of the essentials to make sure that your garden party is a hit.


Just because your party is outdoors does not mean that you cannot decorate until your heart is content. In fact, outdoor decorations can be more fun! You might want to consider the following:

Bunting: These decorative flag strings are omnipresent in British culture and are a simple way to add a touch of classic kitsch charm to your summer garden party. Outdoor bunting should be hung from anything high in the garden, such as window sills, trees, bushes, or posts. You can make your own easily, or you can buy some in a variety of colours or patterns to suit your theme. 

Lighting: If your summer garden party is going to last late into the evening, you must have festoon lights or some other type of outdoor bulb lighting. These lights can be strung through trees, bushes, over tables, and along fences to create a gentle romantic atmosphere in the summer haze.

Tablecloths: Nothing says summer quite like a cute tablecloth for your outdoor tables. White with floral patterns is ideal for a classic British summer look and works well in a natural setting, but classic gingham also works. Cotton tablecloths will always look good, but PVC is more practical for spills.

Special touches

Fire pits: A roaring fire pit is a lovely touch to bring out in the mid-evening as the temperature begins to drop and people begin to reach for their cardigans. Most of your guests will have had a few drinks by this point and will be happily conversing and having fun. Fire pits are a great centrepiece where everyone can congregate, chat, tell stories, and share a beer. 

Fireworks: Consider putting on a small fireworks display in the evening. There's no denying that fireworks look lovely illuminating the summer night sky. Another great idea is to provide sparklers to all of your guests - it will make for some fabulous photos. 

Party games: Spending too much time just talking can become tiresome, so a variety of fun games should be enough to add some competition and extra enjoyment to the occasion. Consider giant Jenga, ring toss, and French boules for gentle but fun games.


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