A tutu and a scarf, just what everyone needs for winter!

Just a very quick post to say my recently made sock monkeys are no longer naked at this chilly time of year!

They each have a white tutu....

sock monkeys in tutus

and a bright pink scarf.....

sock monkeys with scarves

I had hoped to find bright pink soft tulle for the skirts, but the only net I could find in this colour was too stiff and scratchy for such tiny tutus, so I had to go with white.

I like them in their scarves, but they do look more girlie in their tutu's. I'm giving them away as Christmas presents so please...help! You know when you've worked on something and looked at it for a long time that you can't be objective anymore? Well now I can't decide which suits them best. Which outfit do you like?

A visit to Harrogate for sewing supplies...and the connection to Johnny Depp

A couple of weeks ago I put on my posh togs and had a day out in the elegant Victorian town of Harrogate in North Yorkshire, where I discovered an intriguing connection to Johnny Depp.

The town is known for it's Turkish Spa Baths, The Great Yorkshire Show, Victorian architecture and the world famous Betty's Tea Rooms. There's also a wealth of shopping, from the quirky antique and curio shops in the Montpellier Quarter, to high street favourites in the centre of town and individual shops around the train station area.

In addition to sightseeing and sampling the wares of a local cafe I managed to find some sewing and crafting shops for guilt-free shopping, well it's not that I just like buying fabric, I need it! Read on...!

Winter Cape in Gray Wool Cashmere - McCalls M5913

Well my first attempt at clothing from a commercial pattern is complete! A winter cape coat.

Gray Cape Coat

I adore capes, I already have 2 ready-to-wear versions bought a couple of years ago. I love the way you can wear them over chunky winter jumpers and batwing sleeves without crushing your armpits. I really don't need another one, but I saw this cape on Ebay a few months ago and was outbid (grrr!) ....

A Well Dressed Sewing Machine - Cover Tutorial

My poor sewing machine works hard and has to put up with my creative tantrums and cursing, so it's time to show some love by making a pretty little cover for it.

sewing machine cover

Dust and fluff can cause havoc with the internal workings of your sewing machine so always try and cover it, or keep it stored in a cupboard. This machine was supplied with a plastic cover when I bought it, but there was always an air of 'body bag' about it... *shudder*

Not content to do things the easy way, I decided I wanted a cover with access to the carry handle on the machine.
Here's what I did...

Do you really get what you pay for? Toiletry & Perfume Review

A change of subject for me this week, for a couple of reasons.

I'm mid-way through on a number of sewing and craft projects so I want to wait before posting about them.

I've also been very busy filming at a number of martial arts events, assisting the Loftcon Studios camera crew at Muay Thai, MMA, Cage and Kickboxing events around the UK. I may do a blog post in the future, would anyone be interested in that?

I love make-up, creams, potions and lotions in all forms but I also want value for money, so how did these products fare?(and just to note, I paid for all these products with my own hard earned pennies). Make sure you check out my bargain of the year at the end!

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