H&M Summer Haul & Try On : Over 40 Style

Hey lovelies,

So I finally visited H&M instore last week and oooh, I found so many gorgeous summer pieces.

I did my usual shopping method of gathering armfuls of clothing and heading to the changing rooms, with the intention of trying everything on and then keeping maybe 1 or 2 items which I loved....only to find the changing rooms were closed! 

So here in the UK, changing rooms are officially allowed to open now, but I'm finding that they're very hit and miss, and often closed due to short staffing. Whether that's from sickness or staff having to self isolate at home due to Covid I'm not sure, but the sales assistant assured that H&M currently have a 28 day returns policy, so fee free to buy, try on at home and then bring back any items that are unsuitable. So that's what I did! 

I've tried on and reviewed all the pieces I bought in my latest YouTube video, and I'd love some help to decide which pieces to keep and which to return. I've also linked all the pieces in the description box if you see anything you love. 

One thing I did find though, the majority of the pieces I bought were reduced instore in the sale, but many of them were still showing as full price online when I uploaded the video. I expect they will go into sale soon, but it looks as though H&M reduce their  items into the sales at different times instore and on the website, one to remember! 


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