Fighting Back Against Anxiety

Living with anxiety is an increasingly common issue in modern society. Whether yours has developed in part due to the pandemic or has been an ongoing issue, now is the time to act. Otherwise, the symptoms may worsen and the condition will take its toll on your health.

Thankfully, seemingly small steps can have a hugely positive impact in managing the situation. The first is simply to admit that you have an issue. Follow this revelation up with these steps and you won’t go far wrong.

Self Care

Self care to help look and feel your best can have amazing benefits to self confidence and your outlook on life. For me, teeth realignment really increased how comfortable I felt about myself and able to smile unselfconsciously to others. For you, though, this could mean a new hairstyle, toning up, a manicure or just some time out to relax with a facemask, it signals to yourself that you are important!

Use Supplements

Various medications can be used to combat anxiety, which can be prescribed by a doctor. However, you may also find that CBD patches are a great option. They can be worn on days where you intend to enter situations that may trigger anxious feelings. They deliver small hits throughout the day, keeping your body and mind level. Perhaps more importantly, knowing that you’ve taken preventative measures will keep your mind at ease. 

Know The Triggers

You can’t go through life missing out on fun activities or avoiding work situations that may make you feel anxious. Nonetheless, limiting your exposure to triggering moments is never a bad idea. Identifying the people or scenarios that cause flare ups will put you in a strong position. You can either avoid them or simply prepare for them in a more effective way. Removing the sense of shock or unfamiliarity is a key step to consider.

It will certainly make you feel that you are more in control. 

Improve Your Health

Mental health and physical health are very closely linked. Finding ways to improve your physical wellness can reduce the frequency of anxiety attacks. Regular exercise is a particularly important feature. Whether it’s a social activity like sports with friends or a home workout doesn’t matter. The release of endorphins and dopamine enhance your mindset, which includes fighting anxiety. Feeling fitter is wonderful too.

Increased hydration and better nutrition should also feature on the menu.

Celebrate Your Progress

When suffering with anxiety, it is easy to keep getting dragged back. Learning to focus on the positives of your progress brings a shift in mindset. Some of the best ways to make this happen include writing down your progress and getting more organised. A daily habit of writing down situations where you thrived can be very useful. It reaffirms the fact that you have taken control of the situation, which will serve you well.

And using rewards should help you stay on track for the long haul.


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