Makeup Storage or "How I Store My War Paint"

You guys know I love make-up and toiletries. I've blogged about it and I've reviewed products here and some of my MAC brushes here. I have a Pinterest board devoted to it and one of my most popular posts of all time is the "make-up brush roll tutorial".

So I thought I'd do a quick post showing how I store my make-up, or 'makeup' if you're American :-)

cantilever tool case
My beloved cantilever tool case. Similar here.

make-up in aluminium case
I use the top layer to store mascaras, eye liners and eyebrow pencils, single eyeshadows and powder highlighters. I love that the dividers in the case can be moved to accomodate different sized products.

make-up in storage case
The middle shelves hold my eye shadow palettes, face powders, blush and lip balms.

makeup storage

And the lower storage area has my everday hair products, body butter and face creams, plus lipsticks, glosses and lip pencils in a bag, foundations and concealers in a different bag and the brush roll I mentioned earlier.

I have thought about sewing a couple of make-up bags for my lipsticks and foundations but I like the transparent bags, it's easier to find things. If I can buy some sturdy transparent fabric I might have a go.

So as you can see, although I love make-up I don't have that much of it, everything I use on a day to day basis fits into my case, and that includes hair and body products too. It's important to have a good clear out every few months and throw away any old make-up which can harbour bacteria, most products have information on the packaging showing how long they last. And to be honest, if you haven't worn it in the last 6 months you probably won't ever use it or miss it!

For years I kept my products in a variety of bags, boxes and drawers, and wasted a ridiculous amount of time each morning trying to find bits and bobs.
I can do without that stress before I've had my morning cuppa!

I also get ready in different parts of the house depending on what time I have to work. Sometimes I do my makeup in the bathroom or at my dressing table, but most often I sit cross legged on the landing floor in front of the big mirror. So I needed something sturdy, portable and big enough to fit all my everyday products in, the cantilever tool case is perfect.

Estee Lauder makeup

And talking of make-up storage, I was very happy to find space for these products recently. Miss Wag Doll'ette gave me some new Estee Lauder products for Mothers Day. Ah yes indeedy, she knows me too well!

I'm planning on doing a review of some of my make-up products in the future, and hope this post has been useful, if you're looking for a way to keep your war paint from becoming a war zone!

How To Make A Baby Sock Monkey - Tutorial

It's spring and that means new life, the flowers are starting to peek out from their winter sleep, and baby animals are being born. What could signify spring more than an Easter chick or a lamb gambolling around a field?...well a baby sock monkey!

Aw bless her little cotton socks!

You guys probably know I love making sock monkeys and have made plenty here, here and here over the last 2 years. They were one of the first steps on my sewing journey and are a great beginner project for crafters.
Any mistakes just add to their charm!
I even held a giveaway  a few months ago to win a gym timer or one of my sock monkeys.....the sock monkey was by far the most popular prize :-)

So I thought I'd share with you guys how I make my sock monkeys. There are plenty of tutorials out there for full sized monkeys, but here's how I make a baby monkey. (Beginners may wish to start with a full sized monkey first, babies are a touch more fiddly as the pieces are smaller.)

Read on for a step by step tutorial...

Mum's Puppy - All Grown Up!

Last year I donated one of my sock monkeys to raise money for UK German Shepherd Rescue, in honour of my mum's lovely dog Rebel who passed away in September.

Life was very empty without Rebel around, and for a while my mum vowed never to have her heart broken by a dog again. But yes, you guessed it...a few months later and a new puppy arrived to help heal her heart.

German Shepherd Puppy

Jet! Here he is aged 8 weeks after just arriving at my mums. He did lots of peeping round doorways at first, getting to know his new home and family. Isn't he the cutest? He's a black German Shepherd, with a white bib.

Anybody who's ever lost a much loved pet will appreciate how upset my mum was after Rebel passed away, it was heartbreaking for the family to see. We were just so pleased that Jet made her smile again, and to be honest mum was so busy running around after him that he kept her mind off everything.

Yesterday was Mothers Day here in the UK, and while I visited my mum I thought I'd take a few pics to show how much Jet has grown in the last 5 months.

black German Shepherd dog

Jet's now a very handsome young chap of 7 months old, still wearing his white bib! He's completely settled into the family, and is developing a personality all of his own. (Did you notice it's the same doorway?)

German Shepherd Dog

"Look into my eyes!"

He looks very dignified and stately in these pics...but I can assure you he spends most of his time charging about, no peeping around doorways any more.

He's not the leader of the pack no! That honour goes to the Grand Dame of the family, Maisie.

golden retriever dog

Maisie is mum's 13 year old Golden Retriever, and while she's an elderly lady now, she doesn't stand for any nonsense from Jet. He's definitely the underdog!

In her younger days Maisie reminded me of a canine Marilyn Monroe, all blonde and curvy with her flirty ways. These days she's happy to stay at home with her paws up and a Bonio to nibble.

Hope you've enjoyed this quick doggy update, I got so many lovely messages after I posted about the sad loss of Rebel, I thought it would be nice to let you know how the family was getting on. I know many of us have lost much loved pets, and had new ones bring joy to our hearts.

The Wag Doll Protocol - The 55 Workout!

Hey fellow fitness diva's!

There's definitely a hint of spring in the air and a spring in my step, so I've planned a zingy little workout for today.

There's a lot of buzz at the moment around The Ninety-Nine Workout, and I've read about it on various blogs and fitness sites including, where blogger Kim described how the workout took her about an hour and 6 minutes to complete, go girl!

Now this workout sounds like my kinda thing, a variety of high intensity bodyweight exercises followed by a run. But my workouts need to be less than 30 minutes long. I train 4 or 5 times a week but only have a window of 30 minutes after finishing work in which to squash my workouts. So tonight I'm going to do....
The 55 Workout!

It's basically just a shortened version of the The 99 Workout, doing the last 5 sets instead of all 9. I'm hoping  the routine will take under 30 minutes to complete including the run, plus warm-up and cool down stretches.

The exercises are straightforward, jumping jacks to get the heart rate up and crunches for ab work. The wall sit exercise obviously needs a piece of equipment...a wall! Squat down with your back flat against a wall, knees bent at 90 degrees and thighs parallel to the floor, hold for 55 seconds for the first round, 44 seconds for the next etc.

High knees are a great cardio and leg workout, and push-ups...well you know push-ups are one of my favourite upper body exercises.

So how did I get on? Well my timing prediction was spot on. It took me exactly 28minutes 45seconds so fitted perfectly in my 30 minute window! I did a couple of minutes of warm-up stretches before the routine and cool down stretches after and these are included in the time.

I loved the jumping jacks and high knees, great calisthenics exercises. I felt like there weren't enough push-ups, give me more! And the wall sits were a welcome break from cardio based exercises, giving my quads a good workout.

But good grief... how terrible were my crunches?! I knew I'd struggle with these, I do core exercises but never do crunches and it showed. I'm sure we all know that feeling in your abs, the burn...and then they stop working LOL! I struggled through the numbers, pulling an impressive variety of faces and trying to keep good form. Yep, think I need to add a few crunches to my workouts in future.

And the run...ahhh the 11 minute run. Well I huffed and puffed my way through it. I often do a 10 minute run at the start of my workouts and this was only 1 minute longer. But doing the run after the HIIT exercises made it so much harder, my fuel had been used and I was running on empty. Just goes to show, it's good to shake it up, do different workouts and do them in a different order.

I really enjoyed The 55 Workout and will definitely do it again, in fact I'd like to give The 99 Workout a go...that's a heck of a lot of crunches and I'd better get practicing!

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