New Youtube Upload: High Street Haul - Over 40 Style!

Hellooo lovelies,

If you read my last blog post you'll know I ventured into the world of YouTube. And it was so much fun!

Once my initial camera nerves settled I realise I actually love waffling to camera about clothes, I suppose that's one aspect of my love for sewing. Coming from a tailoring family there has always been an emphasis on individual style and good quality clothing.  Growing up I was drawn to TV shows and films that had wonderful costumes and today I'll often Google the Costume Designer if I love the clothing style in a film. And as a teen I poured over the fashion pages of Elle and Vogue instead of reading Just 17!

So I suppose it's in my nature to want to share my love of clothes and outfit styling. Hence I have another YouTube video! 'Autumn Haul and Try On - Over 40 Fashion' where I'm sharing some of my recent high street purchases for the upcoming autumn season, as well as some late summer sale buys. I tell ya, it took some guts to pose in my swimsuit but I'm always trying to push out of my comfort zone!

Sit back and join me!

Zara H&M Sales Haul and Try On

Hey lovelies,

It's been a while since I've posted on my blog (waft away the cobwebs!) not helped by the fact I couldn't remember my log in, eek!

But it's all sorted and I'm back, and with a Youtube video too!

I've always loved fashion, it's why I began my sewing journey as a teenager after all, and I've always had a budget to stick to so it's only natural that I love shopping for clothes in the sales.

Now I don't believe anybody actually loves trawling through messy racks of mis-matched reduced clothing, Zara I'm looking at you. Seriously the sales racks in there were carnage! But I do love a bargain and I am very strict with what I actually buy. It has to work hard in my wardrobe, match various outfits, and I have to love it before I part with my pennies. I don't allow myself to buy an item just because it's cheap.

So grab and brew, sit back and come sales shopping with me!

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