Interval Diva Workout! The Wag Doll Protocol Fitness Regime

Hey lovelies,

Thought I'd share one of my Wag Doll Protocol workouts with you today - The Interval Diva!

interval diva workout

As I've mentioned before, I prefer short intense workouts 4 or 5 times a week, and 'The Interval Diva' routine targets your cardio fitness, strength and endurance, packed into less than 25 minutes.

Read on for tips to help you get the most out of this workout.

How to Add Social Media Buttons To Your Blog - The Easy Way!

Welcome to the 2nd in my series of Blog Upgrade Tips, be sure to check out my previous tip "How to Add 'You Might Also Like...' To Your Posts.

Over the last few weeks I've been upgrading my blog and now have a lovely new look. I also wanted to add some social media link buttons, so readers can connect with me via Twitter, StumbleUpon and Youtube.

social media buttons

And after much searching I've find a very easy way of generating the clicky buttons and the HMTL code that will transport readers to your various social media accounts. This works for Facebook, Pinterest and LinkedIn as well as the one's I've used...and many more too!

Read on for a step by step guide...

Blog Views Milestone and Cactus Candles

Hey lovelies,

Just a quick post to say how happy I am that my blog views have passed the 100,000 milestone, thank you to all my readers!

As most bloggers know, you can get obsessed with your blog stats, and recently I've preferred to concentrate on which posts have been popular and having a laugh at the Google searches that bring people to my I've had visits from people who Googled "woman doing push-ups" and "sock monkey mystery picture" which kind of represents the 'eclectic' nature of my blog :-)

While I'm here, I thought I'd also show you a recent purchase I made, they're just so cute I had to share!

cactus candles

I bought them from a little independent store near where I live, but you can buy similar here.

They'll be great for summer evenings on the patio, and have inspired me to get some galvanised steel planters for my typical is that, I'll end up building a whole garden design around a set of candles!

cactii candles

Sweet Potato Hash Recipe - Eating Clean and Looking Lean

Check out this vision of loveliness, a plateful of scrumptious and healthy low GI carbs, my Spicy Sweet Potato Hash.

sweet potato hash

Sweet potatoes are a clean eaters winter buddy, salads just aren't cutting it here in the bleak midwinter.

"It's reet parky ooop North tha knows!'"...In case you were wondering, that's Yorkshire speak for "It's very cold in the North of England", I'm not sure Google Translate can cope with a Yorkshire accent.

Read on for the super easy recipe...

Film Test Shoots! Jet Slade in Production

Do you remember last April when I announced my new fitness and healthy eating regime The Wag Doll Protocol?

I had been offered a part in a short independent film and needed to tone up for the character. So throughout last year I worked really hard in the gym and eating clean....and it's a good job because filming for 'Jet Slade' has begun!

The production teams behind the project, Loftcon Studios and Pon De Way Promotions, have been working incredibly hard with all the preparation that goes into an action film, and over the last few weeks I've been involved in some test shoots.

Here I am filming for some special effects we'll be using in the film. Excuse the slightly vacant look on my face at the start of the clip, that's my concentrating face!

I'm not able to give too much of the story away but....

Jet Slade is a highly trained operative who must track down a team of assassins targeting her team...

It will be an action packed race against time and I'm so excited to be a part of it. We work really hard on set, but it's so much fun! The people involved are all so creative and talented...I'm having a great time!

As you can see from the teaser video and costume photo above I will be wearing some very unforgiving outfits, so after a break for the Christmas festivities I'm following a very strict training and clean eating regime.

Back to the gym for Jet Slade!

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