Oops, I Swallowed My Metal Braces Bracket! Video Diary Update.

Happy Bank Holiday lovelies!

It's been an eventful weekend here on the braces front, I accidentally ate one of my metal brace brackets eeek!

I've been wearing my Six Month Smile adult braces for 2 weeks now and it was all going surprisingly well...famous last words! Last night a cheeky late night snack of cheese on toast caught me out and one of my back brackets came loose. Before I could react I'd swallowed the little critter. Late night on a Bank Holiday weekend and there's not much chance of getting hold of the dentist, so I had to Google if I'd committed a fatal error.... Luckily it seems it's a fairly common mishap in the early weeks and if you let nature takes it's course, the offending bracket should work it's own way out, if you know what I mean!

Check out my unscheduled video diary entry, and I'll do an update once I've visited the dentist later this week, that's if I'm still alive to tell the tale!

I GOT BRACES! My Six Month Smile Video Diary: Day 1


Hi my lovelies,

So last Friday I finally took the plunge and got fitted with adult clear ceramic braces!

six month smile adult braces
Say cheese!
Never one to do things by halves I'm having both top and bottom teeth corrected, which will then enable me to change my much hated 3 tooth bridge...bleugh....I really do hate that bridge.

adult braces with bridge
Check out the much hated 3 tooth bridge.
My braces are 'Six Month Smile' corrective braces, I have some crookedness and overlapping caused by overcrowding to correct. My orthodontist thinks I'll need to wear the braces for about 5 months, and then a clear retainer at night to stop the teeth moving back. Did you know your teeth continued to  move as an adult? I honestly didn't....until it dawned on me a few years ago that my overlap was getting worse eek!

So to document my progress I'll be doing a regular video diary...vlog...video blog....whatever the heck you call it. It's easier for you to see what's going on in a video.

It makes me laugh to see this. Seriously, how hyped am I? Just too excited after being at the dentist and finally getting the braces after years of debating. If you want to see me looking a little nervous....aka 'shaking like a leaf'... then check out the previous video where I'm sat outside the dental clinic.

I have to say the braces feel enormous to me, like they arrive 5 minutes before I do! Yet most people took a while to even notice and some didn't realise at all until I pointed them out. Not sure if that's because the braces are pretty much invisible, or if we really don't take that much notice of each other.

So get used to seeing some highly unflattering tooth photos of me as I'll be posting regular updates to let you know of my progress, any problems I encounter and to give any hints and tips I come across.

Thanks for reading and watching!
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