Look After Your Feet With These Top Tips

 Getting up from your desk and moving around throughout the workday is frequently emphasised in magazine articles and blogs. However, they ignore the millions of people who spend their whole working day on their feet - retail workers, nurses, hairdressers, and restaurant workers are just a few examples of those who do not have the opportunity to sit down.

Because your feet hold your entire body weight when you stand up, it is obvious that this can cause pain and health problems.

Here, I look at some of the basic things that you can do to help look after your feet and mitigate the effects that standing up all day can have on your body.

Wear sensible footwear

Wearing comfortable, well-fitting shoes is one of the most important things you can do for your foot health, and it's even more vital if you're on your feet a lot. High heels, flip-flops, and unsupportive flat shoes, such as ballet shoes, can all bring you a lot of pain.

Shoes that move your centre of gravity forward and press your toes forward should be avoided. Wear something made of leather or rubber with adequate airflow to avoid hot, sweaty feet. Make sure they are securely fastened and offer proper arch and heel support. Insoles are an excellent alternative if you want a little more padding and cushioning.

Pamper your feet

When we indulge in a bit of pampering time, we often forget about our feet, when really, they hold us up so deserve a bit of attention. Soak them in some lovely bubbles, slather them in moisturizer and get someone to apply some heel balm if you have cracked or peeling skin. 

Fill a big container partly with warm (but not hot) water, then add Epsom salts and your favourite essential oils. Soak for 20-30 minutes, then dry and moisturize thoroughly. Epsom salt is a magnesium sulphate compound that aids in the elimination of toxins and other compounds that cause inflammation and pain in the body.

Magnesium and sulphate combine in the bloodstream, boosting the quantity of magnesium needed by your body for muscular function and energy production.

Your feet will thank you for it!

Consider your posture

When your back hurts after a long day of standing, it's natural to hunch and sag, but incorrect posture will only make your neck, shoulder, and back discomfort worse. With our heads bulging above our necks, our culture has adopted a slumped posture. This pulls our weight forward, putting more strain on the arch of our foot.

Because of this, the muscles that support this area of the foot must work even harder, putting additional strain on them. While standing, place your ears over your elbows and your shoulders over your hips. Flex your feet into your shins when you are able to sit down to strengthen the muscles in the front of your lower leg that supports the arch of your foot.

Stay hydrated

When you're dehydrated, you're more likely to get foot and leg cramps, which can be very painful. Stay hydrated by drinking eight to ten litres of water per day. And again magnesium can help with cramps so include a supplement into your diet.


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