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Affordable Spring Styles - Classy Pinterest Outfits : THE LOOK FOR LESS

Recently I began a series on YouTube called The Look For Less after realising there is a lack of affordable fashion being shown on both Pinterest and Instagram for midlife women. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love Pinterest for style inspiration, if you're ever stuck on what to wear for an occasion or how to style a particular piece, then Pinterest is your friend and the same goes for Instagram. But the outfits on there do tend to feature high end and designer pieces which are out of my budget. Also I feel that there is a real lack of affordable fashion aimed at women over 40. As a woman of 54 I want timeless classic pieces that don't break the bank. When the fashion industry does cater to midlife women, invariable those brands are more expensive. I know from reading comments on social media that there is a real demand from women over 40 for stylish affordable outfits. Hence 'The Look For Less' series where I recreate timeless classic Pinterest outfits using affo

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