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Thinking About Throwing A Summer Garden Party?

  Summer is well and truly here, and the temperatures are set to rise again as we move into August. It is extra special this year with the vast majority of lockdown restrictions being lifted - it is a very much welcome event after the bleakness of the past 20 months. We all have a bigger appetite for social gatherings and events than ever before, keen to catch up with our friends and loved ones.  Summer garden parties are expected to be a big hit in 2021, as they serve as a great way of hosting an event for friends and family. Because they are outdoors, they are generally considered safer in terms of being a possible COVID-19 transmission risk . They also are the combination of everything lovely - warm weather, light evenings, fresh air natural surroundings, food and drink, and of course, the company of people that you love. Here are some of the things to think about on top of the essentials to make sure that your garden party is a hit. Decorate Just because your party is outdoors does

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