Jet Slade Film Production - Fight Scene

Hey lovelies,

Those of you who've followed my blog for a while will know I'm involved in an independent film 'Jet Slade', playing the lead role of Jet, a highly trained agent who must track down a team of assassins targeting her team.

Work on the film is progressing at a steady pace, and co-ordinating such a big project around all the cast and crew involves a huge amount of time, effort and organisation. But I'm happy to say today I have a promo clip to share with you... from one of my fight scenes!

How much did I love filming this scene with fellow actor Chris?!
Jet looks bad ass - don't mess!
This is just a rough edit of much longer fight scene, and it took many weeks of fight rehearsals to perfect these moves for camera, and still ensure everyone's safety.

I'm not a martial artist, and had to learn all these moves from scratch. But this is where I really appreciated the training and body conditioning I'd done for The Wag Doll Protocol, my fitness regime. It meant I had the strength and co-ordination to concentrate solely on the technique, and be fit enough to do the moves over and over again in rehearsals and on set without getting tired.

 I can't stress enough how preparation for a role like this is so important to avoid injury and ...well, I'll just admit it, I just love training and learning new things!

Nursery Chest of Drawers Makeover - A Spray Paint Tutorial.

Hey lovelies, let me share my first ever furniture makeover project, a nursery chest of drawers!

how to spray paint furniture

After making the 'Quick and Easy Baby Quilt' I was reminded just how much storage a baby needs.
...such a little person, so much kit and caboodle! 

I had just the perfect cupboard in mind for this project, but no idea how to go about 'upcycling' it (is that actually a word?!). And so I poured over every blog, pinterest post and youtube tutorial on painting furniture and then got stuck in...

Read on for my hints and tips, and before and after pics...

Quick and Easy Baby Quilt With Piping

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easy baby quilt

I've finally done it, I've made a quilt! Surely a milestone in every sewing journey.

I wanted to make something practical yet totally gorgeous for a very special couple who are expecting their first child, something precious which can become a family heirloom. And isn't this the cutest design? The piped edging creates such a neat and unusual finish yet it's the easiest quilt ever, perfect to make in an afternoon.
cheater quilt

How so quick you ask? Shhh...I'll let you into a secret, it's a 'cheater quilt'!

Read on for more confessions....

Super Easy Banana Drizzle Cake

Brown bananas... you either love them or hate them. Me? No thanks! Well, not unless they're in a banana cake, and this is a super quick and easy one for using up over ripe bananas.

banana drizzle cake recipe

Read on for recipe...

Depths of Perception: Ocean Waves 'Don't Run From It!'


As I'm sat one cold and rainy afternoon, looking back at photographs from far flung and breathtakingly beautiful places, I say to myself "Why are you running from that sea?...embrace it!"

To be fair, part of the joy of the sea is movement. The constant ebb and flow of the waves makes us want to jump over the surf, dive in or just sit, watch and think.

This beautiful beach is on the southern coast of Barbados, where the ocean outshines the sky in the eye-wateringly blue stakes.

Submitted to the Depths of Perception: Ocean Waves Photoblog Contest run by Click through, join in, and show just how beautiful and diverse the ocean can be.