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5 Tips For Choosing Clothes Items For Your Man

  Clothing can be a great gift, yet making choices for other people can be tricky. To help you choose clothing for the man in your life, pay attention to these five simple tips. 1 . Assess his style Before you start clothes shopping for your partner it’s a good idea to assess his style. Take a good look at what he wears, and raid his wardrobe too! If you could sum up his style, what would it be? Perhaps he goes for a classic look? Maybe it’s youthful and on-trend? Instead, it could be a little vintage or eccentric? Whatever it is, make an assessment and base your choices on these styles. 2. Ask his pals  Struggling to make a decision? Try asking his friends for advice. Of course, you’ll know what your guy wears, but it can still be useful to get a second opinion. If you’re shopping online, share a few links and ask for feedback. Shopping in a store? Snap a few pics and send them to his pals. Hopefully, you’ll get at least a few opinions to point you in the right direction. 3. Play it s

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