What Not To Do When You're Feeling Stressed

 We all get stressed from time to time. It's the way of life, as stress can come from a variety of sources, including the workplace, our families, and the difficult people we meet when we're out and about on the roads or during our shopping trips. 

Getting rid of stress isn't easy, although there are safe ways to manage the way we feel. These include the self-care tips here, as they are all worth considering if you experience stress and anxiety. 

There are other ways to manage your stress, of course, but in the case of the harmful solutions we mention below, they are not to be recommended. In some cases, they can exacerbate your stress levels, as your life can be affected as a consequence of your actions. 

Here's what not to do when you're feeling stressed.

DON'T take your stress out on others

Lashing out at the people around you can release your pent-up tension. You might also explode at others uncontrollably when your negative emotions have built up inside you. But whether you lash out purposefully or accidentally, you do need to remember the feelings of the other person. You also need to remember that your stress levels will rise again, partly due to the uncomfortable situation that you may have caused by your aggression. Instead of lashing out then, leave the room when you feel yourself threatening to boil over and practice some relaxation techniques. And instead of shouting at another person, why not punch a punching bag instead or find a remote place where you can wail and shout at the world? This is better than shouting at another person, as you won't feel guilty afterward.

DON'T smoke a cigarette or reach for a drink

Don't fall back on old habits. Smoking can produce a calming effect, and this is for two reasons. Firstly, the simple act of having something to hold on to can ease any jitters, so this is why some people turn to a cigarette at times of stress. Secondly, the inhalation of nicotine can cause a dopamine rush, and for a few minutes tension can be relieved. The problem with smoking, of course, is the effect that it has on a person's physical health. The other issue is nicotine withdrawal, as a person can become even more anxious when they haven't had a cigarette in a while. So, don't turn to a cigarette then. Choose the best vape if you want a safer way to ease your tension, and see your doctor for help with your smoking habit. 

Similarly the occasional alcoholic drink in a social setting is fine, but using alcohol as a crutch in difficult times is a slippery slope. In stead find other ways to deal with stress such as taking a warm bath or chatting on the phone to a friend.

DON'T isolate yourself from others

If you're isolating yourself from others because you're worried about lashing out at them, then fair enough. However, you shouldn't dwell on your stresses for too long alone as they can eventually get the better of your mental health. Talking can help to ease your stress, and the support you may be offered can also be useful to you. So, spend time with friends and family when you're feeling stressed out, and talk to them about what you're going through. Consider a counselling service too, especially when your stresses are intensely personal. 

When you can deal with your stress in the right way, you will reduce the chances of harm to yourself and others. So, think about what we have said here, and return to our self-care tips for healthier ways of stress-relief.


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