4 Healthy Ways To Deal With Body Confidence Issues

 If there is one thing we have learned this year, it’s how to be bored. The extra free time sounds amazing until you get into the same routine. Mostly, it’s bad for your physical health because you lack the motivation to exercise regularly and stick to a healthy eating plan. But, it can also impact your mind.

Are you starting to notice body image issues you didn’t previously? Do you fret over it more now than you did before? Lots of people are, and it’s a side-effect of multiple lockdowns and everything that comes with living through a pandemic.

The worst feeling is the one you get when you realise you can’t do anything about it. It’s as if you’re trapped in your body until a later date. However, the reality is very different. If you’re struggling with body confidence problems currently, here are four healthy ways to deal with them right here, right now!

Make Your Body A Friend

Stop making it an enemy by focusing on the bad stuff. Instead, try and make it a friend by concentrating on the cool things you and your body have done together. For mums, the answer is simple - you had a baby. Motherhood is an incredible privilege, so you should take time to thank your body for making it happen.

You don’t have to have children, though. For instance, you might have run a marathon or half-marathon. Anyone who has completed more than ten miles knows it’s a traumatic experience and one that gives you a newfound appreciation of what your body can sustain.

There are tonnes of ways to acknowledge mentally what your body has done for you, and what it will do in the future. With this new perspective, you should see the pros as well as the cons.

Write Down Your Wins

Thinking about the W’s you have stacked up over the years won’t cut it when your body confidence levels plummet. All it takes is a nasty comment for the brain to throw the good stuff out of the window. As a result, purely remembering things won’t work. Sometimes, you have to give your mind a shove.

A simple tactic is to write down the things you’re most proud of in an accessible document. It could be a notebook, I do love a good notebook! Or it might be a Google Docs or an app on your phone. The key is to have it to hand when you require a lift. That way, you can quickly look at your wins and instantly tell yourself about your triumphs.

It can be the things we’ve already mentioned, or it can be a body feature you love, such as your eyes, legs, or hair.

Make A Plan

There are instances when mental toughness isn’t powerful enough to fix the problem. Your confidence issues could be ingrained to the point where you need to make a change. While it’s a big decision you shouldn’t take lightly, it’s not a drastic measure, not if it will enhance your lifestyle.

And, although the treatments might not be available now, you can make a plan for when they become accessible again. For instance, researching the procedures and the best clinics will give you a clear idea of what you want and where you need to go. A tip: search for non-invasive treatments.

Vaser liposuction is very popular as it doesn’t involve anything traumatic. Unlike a usual cosmetic procedure, this technique uses targeted ultrasound technology to remove fat and alter the shape of your body. As a result, there’s no reason to go under the knife and make the process more complicated. 

Do Nice Things For Other People

The problem with the topic of body confidence is that it warps your perspective. It’s tempting to believe that the issues you see are the end of the world, when they aren’t, not relatively. After all, there are less fortunate people out there who would kill to have what you have, such as a home, a job, and a loving family.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to see that there is more to life than looking good. By helping others, you’ll gain a new attitude that should allow you to let go of your fears. Of course, relativity works both ways, so you shouldn’t view your problems as insignificant - everybody has quirks.

Still, having a holistic mindset is much healthier as it highlights the bigger picture. Plus, volunteering is still possible under Covid restrictions.

Hopefully, you’ll never have to deal with body confidence issues. If you do, these should ease the pain.


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