6 Little Ways to Spruce Up Your home This Summer

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Nothing is quite as satisfying as revamping your place when you’re feeling a bit stuck in a rut. What better way to give your home a makeover this summer than finding fun and creative ways to decorate? Look for cheap and simple ways to refresh your place, without compromising on style. You could even get crafty, and have a go at upcycling. Here are six little ways to spruce up your home this summer.

Shop for home accessories

This is the easiest way to spruce up your home, and you get to benefit from a little retail therapy as well. You can also order home accessories online. Have a look at this trendy collection, all available to deliver of course. Treat yourself to a few little elegant pieces of crockery or glassware, and make your home feel like new again. It's amazing how a couple of new items can make such a difference.

Get crafty with upcycling

Why not also try upcycling? This is a trend which involves refurbishing your home with recycled materials. It can be a fun and creative way to add a personal touch and it won’t cost much. There are plenty of cute ideas online for inspiration involving simple household objects and you end up with a unique piece. Consider swapping materials and furniture with friends, one person's junk could be your dream project.

upcycled chest of drawers

In time honoured tradition, here's one I made earlier! I upcycled this much loved but battered chest of drawers for my granddaughters nursery. You can read about the transformation here, and how I went about giving this piece a new lease of life.

Bring the outdoors in

Nothing adds life to a room more than plants or flowers. There are plenty of low maintenance options if you’re not naturally green-thumbed. Plants eat air pollution and help to refresh the atmosphere. They are also proven to improve your mood and to create a relaxing and welcoming environment. 

What used items around your house can you turn into a vase or a plant pot? You can find more inspiration online. Getting in touch with nature a little bit can be very therapeutic indeed, so make the most of any outdoor space you might have. You can start by setting up window boxes or a herb garden. Or try Kokedama, a traditional Japanese way to hang ferns and ivy using only compost, moss and string to create a container!

Restyle your shelves

For any room that’s in need of a quick refresh, try restyling the shelves. Remove all the items and dust everything off. This is also a great opportunity to have a good decluttering. Rearrange the same items, but add some new accessories or add a decorative feature. Try using the 'rule of three' arranging objects in groups of 3 creates an aesthetically pleasing composition.

Make use of your patio

Your patio is a great place to sit and enjoy the view of the garden, so make use of it. Think about investing in some stylish new patio accessories. If you prefer upcycling, you could make planters out of old junk in the house. 


Is your home well overdue a makeover? Look into Residential Architects that specialise in home renovation and works passionately with client-led design. It’s important to make time for a change as our lives evolve, and it might be time to update the layout of your home. Taking the time to renovate your home is a more long-term project, but it’s worth it. It may be hard work but the results will be incredibly satisfying.

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