The Feelgood Factor: Positive Changes You Can Make To Help Others Feel Better

Hey lovelies, I hope everyone is well! A little chatty post for you today, grab a cuppa and join me in the 'Feelgood Factor'

When it comes to our lives, we often focus on the positive changes just to help ourselves feel better. But in some cases, the changes you make will have a positive impact on others, and in turn this also helps you to feel good. Because after all, what goes around comes around! Many of us want to help others to feel better especially in the difficult time we're having, and so with that in mind, here are some of the positive changes that you can make, that will in turn help others.

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Thinking outside of the box when people are in need

There will come a time where you will have people lean on you for help and support. It might be a friend going through a difficult situation, a family member who is ill, or anything where there is a problem that is causing them pain and upset. Indeed this year has shown more than ever how much everyone needs a support network.

As an outsider to the situation, or even being emotionally involved in some way, it can feel incredibly difficult to know what to say or do as the right thing for that person. However, taking better care of people can often mean thinking outside of the box in terms of the help and support you offer. From offering to take care of their children, batch cooking meals they can easily pop in the oven so they have good substance and eat well, or simply just being there and listening. 

Having a healthier lifestyle means you could be leading by example

Knowing that you are taking care of yourself could help inspire others around you to do the same. The self care side of things is that you may start to focus on a healthier lifestyle. Drinking more water, eating the right things and generally taking better care of yourself in terms of exercising and being more active.

However, as with any lifestyle change, once you stick at it you begin to see the changes. You look better, feel better, feel more energised and overall will probably have a more positive outlook and approach to life. This can rub off on others around you, and you could then be leading by example in terms of people taking up healthier lifestyle changes to gain the same benefits that you have been enjoying. Helping yourself and helping others. You don't even need a fancy gym subscription or oodles of spare time, just a 15 minute brisk walk each day in your lunch hour is enough to get the heart pumping and feel good endorphins flowing.

As part of Coronavirus lockdown I've been doing a 30 minute bodyweight and stretching workout each weekday after work, as a way of separating 'working from home' from home life. No fancy equipment needed and just the space for a workout mat. And I've been amazed how much my fitness and flexibility has improved along with my mood, I'm sure the daily workouts have been keeping me sane during quarantine!


There is something so simple as a smile. A smile can make someone’s day, can lift their mood and help them to feel comfortable in a situation. The problem is, we probably don’t smile enough. It is so important for you to smile and feel more energised in yourself and smiling at others can drastically change their day. If you feel insecure with smiling then why not make some positive changes to improve that. Whether it is clear braces or even teeth whitening, small changes can drastically improve your confidence when it comes to smiling. If you've been following me on Instagram or Youtube for a while then you'll know I decided to improve my smile with adult braces and it was the best thing I've ever done!

Being approachable and open minded 

Finally, we can all feel a little lost at times, and perhaps be dealing with something that is difficult to talk about. Knowing we have someone to talk to about it can really help with the situation. So often, if you can be that approachable and open minded person, then you could really be helping out someone close to you that need someone to listen, to help or to even guide them in the right way. As much as you may need someone to do that for you now or in the future, you could be that person to others and really help. It also helps you to feel good, wanted and needed in relationships. 

I hope this post has given you some ideas on ways we can help ourselves while helping others too. I'd love to hear your ideas!


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