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Hope you are all well as the Coronavirus lockdown begins to ease, and life returns to some sense of normality. 

It's been some time since I did a makeup review and I thought I'd share an affordable foundation I recently discovered, and have purchased again because I loved it so much and all for under £10 !

Affordable foundation review
Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation

Now if you know me or follow me on Instagram (pop over and say hi!) you'll know that I have been an avid lover of Estee Lauder's legendary Double Wear for years. And it is still my number one foundation. I have melasma prone skin so I prefer a good coverage foundation and Double Wear is the best, I will always turn to it for full on glam make-up, nights out (when we can!) and photography/filming. But for everyday wear, especially when I'm working from home, I've been looking for a more affordable option. 

I've tried a number of drugstore options recently with mixed success but one foundation which really impressed me was the Makeup Revolution Conceal and Hydrate Foundation. Super hydrating and with amazing coverage this foundation glides on like an absolute dream. Honestly, it is the easiest foundation to apply that I've ever found.

affordable foundation for mature skin

It gives a dewy finish and doesn't look cakey or cling to dry patches thanks to added hyaluronic acid, and we all know what a wonder ingredient for skin that is! I have mature combination skin, drier around the edges of my face and an oily T zone over the mid forehead, nose and chin. This foundation deals with all those skin issues with ease.

Available in 50 shades to suit most complexions, when I repurchased I actually opted to buy two shades. I often do this with a foundation I like, because my skin changes depending on how tanned I am. And it goes without saying ..I fake it, not bake it! Melasma skin and UV rays are not a good combination. 

revolution conceal and hydrate foundation swatch

ShadeF8 (light/medium skin with warm undertone) suits me on my palest days, and shade F10 (medium skin with golden undertone) suits me when I've tanned. For those in between days when my tan is fading I mix the two. If you're wondering why I didn't opt for F9 or any of the other five shades in between they were too cool or peachy for my undertone. Don't be afraid to mix foundation especially from the same range to achieve a bespoke perfect match. Of course this means you spend twice as much, but they last twice as long. And at £9 a bottle, this is still way cheaper than a high end foundation. And yes, I do purchase two shades of EL Double Wear for the same reasons...and my bank balance weeps!

Revolution Conceal & Hydrate Foundation F8

I set with powder, just because I do that with all foundations. Now I won't lie, when wearing EL Double Wear I don't usually have to reapply powder at all, and with the Revolution Conceal and Hydrate I do have to reapply powder by late afternoon, especially in the recent hot weather we've had. 

 affordable drugstore foundation

But it does have great staying power, I've been doing a workout in my garage after most days, it gets ridiculously hot in there and this foundation has powered through! The ultimate endorsement is that after buying my first bottle on a whim, I have just re-purchased.

If you're on the lookout for an affordable foundation that gives radiant full coverage to thirsty skin, then this is one to try!

two shades of makeup foundation

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