Things To Consider When Getting Body Piercings

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If you follow me on Instagram when you'll know I'm planning on getting a second ear piercing on my upper ear, when I can decide between an outer conch or helix type piercing. Body piercings are something that many people will have in their life, with some of the most common being earrings and tummy piercings.

Whatever piercing you do decide to go for, you should always take into consideration what each body piercing entails. I've done a ton of research over the last few months so here are some things to consider when getting body piercings.

woman with large gold hoop earring

Your Pain Threshold 

The pain threshold is something we all handle differently. Some of us can experience great levels of pain, whereas others might struggle with it. Our bodies are pretty incredible, and when it comes to pain, it can endure a lot, even if in your mind, it doesn’t want to. However, it’s important that whenever you are getting a body piercing, that you take into consideration your pain threshold and how much you can handle.

Ask your practitioner if they offer local anaesthetic, which can be a spray or cream used to numb the area before piercing. Some piercings can be relatively painless whereas other areas can be a lot more painful due to where they’re being inserted. Be aware of this when it comes to picking the body piercing you want. It might be worth checking out the reviews of those who have previously had a similar piercing a similar to get their view on the level of pain that’s involved.

Finding Out The Cost

The cost of a body piercing can also vary depending on the location and also what you decide to have as the fitting. Some people will get a more affordable basic fitting and then perhaps treat themselves further down the line. It’s important to consider what options there are in relationship to the type of piercings you’re getting. From Titanium Earrings to other types of metal, you want to factor this into whatever budget you have.

Also take into account if you have a nickel allergy, many costume jewellery earrings contain nickel and this can cause irritation. I have a nickel allergy so I look for earrings with a gold, silver, titanium or stainless steel shaft to go through my ear piercings.

Get A Reputable Body Piercer

When it comes to having your body pierced, you want your body to be in the hands of a professional and someone who knows what they’re doing. In the UK all body piercers and tattooists must be licensed with their local council who will check that Health and Safety Standards are adhered to. It’s extremely important to go to a reputable piercer who knows how to properly sterilize their equipment and wear the appropriate PPE.

A reputable practitioner will also provide information on how to look after your piercing and the correct aftercare needed. As much as it might be more affordable to go with someone with very few reviews, it’s always good to go with one that’s more experienced and a personal recommendation from someone you trust is a huge help.

woman with gold earring

Be Aware Of The Risks

With any body piercings, there are always risks. You could have had a body piercing before, but just because that one went well, it doesn’t mean that the next one you have is going to be hassle-free. It all depends on the procedure and how that’s done, the aftercare you give to yourself, and how your body takes the piercing itself. Be aware of the risks that come with each type of piercing before signing up to get it done. It’s something that you might need to know in case you spot any problems after having it.

Getting a body piercing is a great way to express art on the body but make sure you’re taking it seriously when it comes to piercing parts of your skin. Do your research, be careful, follow the aftercare to the letter and enjoy your new piercing!


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