Sock Monkey Modelling Shoot

In addition to battling with my winter coat project I've made a couple of Christmas presents... sock monkeys, loved by all ages!

sock monkey

I love making them, after all they're what lured me back into sewing (sock monkeys inspire me). They're also perfect for this time of year, very much a winter project to me. The hand-sewing involved is best done curled up on the sofa watching TV. Plus sewing monkey limbs stops me from reaching for the biscuit tin....

sock monkey modelling

I prefer mine to have a serious yet mysterious expression, a sort of sock monkey Mona Lisa....

They look a bit naked for my liking at the moment, so I'm going to knit them a winter woolly scarf each (might take a while as knitting isn't my strong point....we've got a few weeks until Christmas yet though). And I may change their button eyes for felt circles for safety. These two are presents for older girls who would be fine with buttons but I worry they might get into tiny hands, would you change them too?

beautiful sock monkey

I also wanted to test out a photography technique I'd read about on Katie Evans  blog, the 'beauty shoot' using natural light and a reflector to infuse your pictures with light, not sure Katie had sock monkeys in mind when she wrote the tutorial but I think they make perfect models :-)


Anonymous said…
Really cute! I don't think I'd change the eyes unless they are a baby present. But that's just me.
Punky Prep said…
Just found your blog, love it!
Jenny said…
OMG! These are so cute! I love them! I'm a new follower! :) Love your blog!
Feel free to come link up at my Linky Party today!!! I'd love to see you there!
Well done on your monkeys. They are looking cute.
Anonymous said…
Cool monkeys! I'd go bananas for one of those ;)
Ok ok I won't give up my day job....
I've wanted to make sock monkeys for a while now - I'm going to make one before Christmas if it's the last thing I do!!!!
Love those moneys by the way!
WeAreWildThings said…
Very cute. I have a book out the library at the moment 'Stray Sock Sewing', was planning on making lots of sock creatures, but can't find any spare socks! Your monkeys are awesome.
Whimsically cute and colorful monkeys! ;) You are so creative. can't wait to see more of your creations!
Angela Toucan said…
those are so cute. I'm going to have to learn how to make them one day.

came here from Make it on Monday linky
faith76 said…
Love those sock monkeys. I would change the buttons if you don't mind me saying for felt eyes for little one's x But would definately leave them as they are for the bigger kids.

Glad to have discovered your blog!

Leah x

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