Sock monkeys inspire me.

As a teenager I made most of my own clothes, from tops to trousers, skirts to jackets, even hats! Yes, ready to wear was more expensive back then, but mainly because I loathed the idea of arriving somewhere wearing the same outfit as someone else, oooh the shame! I wanted my clothes to be individual and the only way to ensure that is to buy couture $$$.........or make it yourself :-).

And then, as so often happens, university, work, family all encroached on my hobby time and sewing became a long forgotten art to me. I occasionally dragged out the machine to patch, alter, make-do and mend but that's not inspiring, it's a chore urgh!

Earlier this year my creative side awoke from its dormant state and my love of sewing was renewed. I'm ashamed to say I seem to have forgotten quite a few of my skills and I'm very rusty, but I'm back in the saddle and here are my first couple of projects. Not exactly clothes, but it's a start.

My first creation started life as a pair of socks

And became a Sock Monkey (many thanks to all the help I received from the MSE crew!).

My niece was very happy to give her a home.
Another quickly followed, complete with accessories, My daughter claimed this one.

sock monkey tutu

So much more enjoyable creating a cute little critter than mending a torn seam. Don'tcha just love sock monkeys? or Socken Monken as they have become known in my house.....


Pootle said…
Really cute!!x
rufusdog said…
What a pretty monkey xx
Maggie said…
Super sock monkeys! Looking forward to reading more of your sewing adventures as I am trying to get up enough courage to start sewing again too. Best wishes from rainy Liverpool, Maggie.
PS saw you on MSE
Bet your going to make loads more! Lovely tutu and matching headset. Yep, I LOVE monkeys!!
hart44 said…
I love your sock monkey's :) it is one thing I have not been brave enough to try yet lol

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