Re-Fashionista! Silk Top Revamp

I have a love/hate relationship with revamping old clothes.

On the one hand I feel a sense of achievement in turning a hideous garment into something wearable, and it's certainly 'greener' than throwing it away. But, it just doesn't ring my bell like sewing and creating from scratch. You can't bask in the glory of "Oh this? I made it myself!" when there's a dirty great label sticking out of your neckline.

I've always altered clothes to improve the fit, and done repairs...(urgh, necessary but so boring). But I don't often revamp. However, here's one I did this weekend.

gray silk top
Silk top after

And here's how it started life

OK, the fact it's not ironed in the before photo doesn't help!

But yes it really did look like a shapeless sack in it's original form. I bought it because I loved the colour, it's pure silk and I adore the neck embellishment, but it did nothing for me. I looked like I was wearing a maternity smock, which is fine if you're pregnant, but not a look you want if you're not.

I was slightly concerned at cutting into a perfectly decent silk garment, but nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. So my advice is "Be bold! Attack with the scissors, if you never wear it then you've got nothing to lose." (You can always use the fabric for something else if it goes pear-shaped - my strawberry pin cushions were scraps from a blouse).

So do you revamp old clothes? Do you consider it wrong to cut into wearable clothes? And what the heck do you call it? Revamp, refashion, trashion (my personal favourite) or upcycle (my pet hate, it sounds like an upmarket unicycle to me).


Tillyflops said…
Hi, Hun.
Not sure what you would call it, because i cant do what you do.I must say the blouse looks loads better than before.I wouldn't have a problem, changing wearable clothes.Well done.xx
That looks great and I agree it is a beautiful colour x
It looks a lot better now, a great improvement.
I had to laugh at your before and after photos. They reminded me of makeovers in magazines when the person looks miserable in the before photo and then smiley and happy in the after, so that in itself makes a difference. (although don't think I'm saying that all it needed was a good iron! :0) )
Wag Doll said…
Hehehehe LittleBlueMouse, yep the old before and after trick! My iron is downstairs so I took the pic before going down to iron and sew...honest LOL! The top creases really easily, so I think when I wear it it will look like the before pic anyway eeek!
Suzanne said…
I love your revamp. It's gorgeous! So much prettier and current than the old version!
wow, I love your refashion! it's gorgeous and looks totally new & expensive. amazing transformation!
Older Mum said…
That's a great transformation !!!!!!
Looks fab to me... wish I was that talented...well done! I made some curtains once, it took me about 6 months and they only lasted a few weeks!
Joanne Blunt said…
I so wish I could do that. I'm rubbish at anything creative. Good luck.
what a great job you did!! well done, looks really good, you should take a picture wearing it, we would love to see you in it :)
We love revamping old clothes, even adding new buttons can change the whole garment and make it unique!

Kisses P&C xxxx
fun as a gran said…
I went as far as making the girls skirts as youngsters. A side seam, hem and an elasticated waist....they were under 5 and long before cheap clothes shops, they did a turn in the garden and at playgroup. well done now what have I got you could adapt....hmm let me go look
NVFP said…
Wow that looks great! Well done you :) Beautiful top x
Fabulous transformation!
Brandi said…
I wish I had your skills! I love what you did with it! Very nice refashion!

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