Strawberry pin cushion from fabric scraps

I'd rather have a strawberry tart, but failing that, how about a strawberry pin cushion or two?

strawberry pin cushion

This is a very easy project using just fabric scraps. Sewing has made me look at unloved clothes with a new eye, can I do something with that fabric? The red material is from a blouse destined for the charity shop and the green is left over from the grocery bag project.

The strawberries are basically a circle of material cut in half hence a pair (I drew round a side plate), sewn down the straight edge to make an ice-cream cone shape.
Stuff the strawberries with poly wadding, and gather the top edge with a long running stitch. The green leaves on top hide all the gathering.

I originally planned to make a mouse or hedgehog pin cushion, but couldn't bring myself to stick pins in a cute little critter, even a fabric one! Cruelty to fabric strawberries rests much easier on my mind...

Do they count as one of my five-a-day?


hart44 said…
Your strawberries look good enought to eat :)
Love them :)
Tillyflops said…
lovely strawberrys, well done.xx
Unknown said…
Love the strawberries. I am new to your blog and have become a follower. Thank you for your comment on my blog. I love Sew magazine as it has great patterns (haven't made any lol but always thinking I will!) Sue x
so adorable! do you sell them?

Please check our blog too if you have a minute :) love P&C xx
Anonymous said…
ps. I've popped you on here this morning !
Wag Doll said…
Thanks ProctorCruz, no I haven't sold any items yet - I'm quite sloooooow at sewing, maybe if I speed up I might actually make enough items to sell LOL! I checked out your blog, the vintage fashions are gorgeous.x
Wag Doll said…
Thanks so much for your support mamasaurus, I'm so pleased to be included! You do an amazing job supporting new blogs xx
RobertUK said…
Awesome strawberries Bridgit! Hope to see more of this sort of thing.


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