Jersey Mini Skirt - My First Clothing Project and Tutorial

 I've overcome my fear of dressmaking, the demons are banished!

Since I started sewing at the beginning of the year I've stuck to craft pressure there, if they look wonky and misshapen then it all adds to the charm.
But wonky and misshapen isn't really the look I'm aiming for when I get dressed...... Enter the easy jersey skirt!

mini skirt

Those of you who just want to look at my legs and/or tiling may want to leave now....for the rest, here's what I did....

The fabric is half a metre remnant of heavy green jersey which cost me £1.50.... kerching!
I don't have an overlocker (serger) so for this project I used a ballpoint needle in my machine with a zig-zag stitch.

I used a jersey skirt I already had as a reference point, adding a couple of cm's all round  for seam allowances and hem. I cut the front on the fold, and then used that as a pattern for the back.

This way I managed to save a large portion of the fabric (on the left of the pic) for further projects.

 Right sides together, I sewed up the side seams, turned the waistband over and added 2cm wide elastic.

I turned a 2cm hem and stitched in place

jersey mini skirt

Et voila! This is a really easy project that took me an hour, I was slightly worried about sewing with a stretch fabric but it gave me no problems.

I'll wear the skirt with leggings or thick tights as it's waaaay too short to be worn with bare legs. It is quite a 'snug' fit and I probably should have made it a cm wider, but the lovely thick fabric acts like a girdle, got to be good thing!

I've since made a black one for me and also one for my daughter. I think I'm developing a phobia of making anything other than jersey mini skirts....


Pootle said…
That looks great! Will be fab for winter with leggings and nice boots. I might try this using your instructions. I could do with some skirts like this that are really comfy and cheap/easy to make. (Am very jealous of your legs BTW! Put them away!! lol) x
Way to go you! Bet your daughter will be coming to you for lots more makes:0)
Tillyflops said…
Great Skirt, wish i had legs like that, just above the knee for me lol.xx
Brigita said…
The skirt looks great with the black tights. This is a great sewing project that I must try. I just need to buy some fabric.
Lovenicky said…
Your skirt is fab and your legs are fab! Great job!
NVFP said…
That's brilliant! Well done :) I want one but am nowhere near good enough with a machine :/

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