Happy Blogday, welcome to my newborn blog!

Well after much wailing and gnashing of teeth my blog is finally born. Not content to just struggle with the technical aspects of blogging, I decided to struggle with the name of my blog too. Is it just me but isn't that the hardest part?

In the end I decided on Wag Doll, as I'm homely rag-doll kinda gal with a love of all things bling, a la Wag style.

I'm hoping to cover all my dressmaking and sewing adventures, along with random waffle about fashion, clothes, home-style, photography, make-up and whatever else evolves. Let see how it goes eh?!


  1. I love your blog name. Really clever. I spent hours figuring out what to call mine and have actually changed it twice since I started blogging (hence why my blog address and name dont match. Doh!) Look forward to seeing all your lovely projects. x

  2. Thanks Pootle, my first choice names had already gone but Wag Doll has grown on me. All this techical stuff is so hard tho, I seem to still be following people as 'avstar' even tho I've tried to change it LOL!

  3. Hi, and welcome to the land of blogging.I saw you over on MSE, your sock monkeys are delighful.xx

  4. Lovely to see you have your blog up and running, I am following you now xx

  5. I solute you and the start of your blog - I have been wanting to start mine for the last couple of years, but have not got past the name!Sharonx


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