Beauty Tips: How To Flourish With Age

Regular readers of my blog will know I’ve revamped my skincare routine to incorporate some anti-aging benefits, but there are many ways to keep a youthful outlook on life whilst retaining the benefits of age such as increased confidence, wisdom and experience.
Taking pride in your appearance as you get older can give you a real mental boost and instil beneficial habits in your lifestyle. Making an effort to look your best is a positive, it demonstrates that you care and love yourself. 

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If you’ve decided that you want to take action in order to look and feel great as you get older, here are some tips to help you along the way. 

Maintain a great skincare routine

As the largest organ in your body, the skin is the main area of focus when it comes to getting older and it is often the first place that shows signs of ageing. Establishing a daily skincare routine is the best way to combat ageing in the skin. The earlier you adopt a skincare routine, the more of an effect it can have. I’ve recently revamped my skincare routine to incorporate Retin-A and I’m having great results from that, along with some other skincare products too.
First and foremost in the fight against skin aging is sun protection, wear high factory SPF daily from a young age, and if you haven’t…start now!
Incorporate skincare products that boost collagen such as Retin-A, retinols and bakuchiol. Exfoliate to remove those dull surface layers, using gentle physical exfoliation such as scrubs or chemical exfoliation with acids such as glycolic acid and lactic acid. And the moisturise, put that hydration back into your skin with hyaluronic acid products and hydrating moisturisers.

Prioritize healthy eating

Your diet has a major impact on how you look and feel. Nutrient-dense food can improve and maintain healthy skin, hair, lips, and eyes. Healthy eating helps with weight management and is a major factor in combatting age related medical conditions such high blood pressure and heart disease. Aim to up your intake of plant based foods, fruit, vegetables and also ensure you are getting adequate protein, the building blocks of the body.
If you’re a regular drinker, consider cutting down on your alcohol intake. Excessive drinking dehydrates the body causing damage to the skin. 
By reducing how much sugar you consume, you can improve the health and appearance of your skin. Sugar inhibits the production of collagen in the skin, which is the absolute opposite of what we want to achieve with an anti-aging skincare regime.

Arrange a professional procedure

Certain aspects of your appearance can’t be affected naturally. Although some people feel there is a stigma around cosmetic procedures, you shouldn’t feel bad about wanting one. And procedures such a botox and fillers are becoming increasingly accepted. If you’re unhappy about some of your physical attributes, making a change is an empowering move. 
It’s never too late to change an aspect of your appearance if you really want to. I had adult braces in my 40’s to straighten my teeth and it’s without doubt one of the best confidence bosting things I have ever done! If a rhinoplasty or other professional procedures is what you’ve thought about for years, don’t let age put you off.  

Get your rest

Sleep is your body’s way of recovering and recuperating. It plays a vital role in your appearance. One night of bad sleep can leave you looking worse for wear with “bags” under your eyes. Continually losing out on sleep can take its toll on your mind, body and skin.
Prioritize your “beauty sleep” and aim to get between seven and nine hours every night. 
Leave the phone on the beside table and read a book instead, the blue light emitted by electric devices stimulates the mind to stay awake. Create a cosy, calm feeling in the bedroom to encourage restful sleep and wake up feeling refreshed and youthful!


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