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Occasionally a product comes into my life that makes me jump for joy and thank the heavens. The ZO Sunscreen & Primer SPF 30 is one such product!

ZO Sunscreen and Primer

If you follow me on insta or have read my previous beauty blog posts, then you'll know that I have suffered from chloasma/melasma since pregnancy in my early 20's. This hyperpigmentation condition is hormonal, often triggered by pregnancy and exacerbated by the sun. Since that time I have religiously worn sunscreen every day, hoping to keep my  'Lizard Skin' as it's affectionately known at bay. 

So I am no stranger to sunscreen for the face, and Lordy have I tried some dreadful products over the years! Thick, greasy creams that leave a white cast on your skin and reward you with a breakout a few days later. No thank you!

In addition I'm a make-up lover, most days I wear a full face of make-up, it's an extension of who I am and part of my everyday routine. But sunscreen and make-up do not make for good bedfellows. Sunscreen can affect the colour and texture of foundation, an oily sunscreen causes foundation to slide off, and matte products often pill under foundation leaving a patchy result.

ZO Skin Sunscreen and Primer

Feeling I needed a little help to find a good sunscreen suitable for make-up use I discussed my issues with skincare expert Danielle Grimes at Paragon Aesthetics and she recommended I try the ZO Sunscreen and Primer Broad Spectrum SPF30. I've used ZO Health skincare before, their Retinol products are some of the most effective available without a doctor's prescription. Founder Dr Zein Obagi is a world renowned dermatologist and has formulated some of the best medical grade skincare products on the market, and this Sunscreen and Primer bares witness to that!

ZO Sunscreen and Primer SPF30

This product is everything I hoped for and more, it provides the sun protection I need to guard against chloasma, and doesn't cause my skin to break out. It's a light formula with a subtle tint which blurs imperfections and fine lines, enhancing my foundation and giving a dewy fresh appearance. I have experienced no pilling or  patchiness when applying concealer and foundation, which glide on smoothly with no fade throughout the day.

ZO Sunscreen and primer swatch

ZO Sunscreen & Primer rubbed in

ZO Sunscreen and Primer is worn as a base layer on clean moisturised skin. It contains a broad spectrum mineral based SPF 30, protecting against UVA and UVB rays, as well as natural photo-protective compounds to counteract free-radicals and combat high energy visible light (HEV) , the damaging blue light emitted by phones and laptop screens. Vitamin E and silicones provide a silky smooth primer base, smoothing the skin and diminishing the appearance of fine lines, the perfect prep for foundation especially for mature skin.

In the fight against skin aging the number one thing you can do is protect your skin against the sun, so if you are looking for a broad spectrum sunscreen to provide a high level of sun protection, that also works well under make-up, then I highly recommend the ZO Sunscreen and Primer.

ZO Sunscreen & Primer Review

Sunscreen and primer review

*Product gifted as part of a giveaway, not paid content

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