BYBI Beauty Mini Haul : Anti-Aging Skincare Review

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In my previous post I did a review of BYBI Beauty's fabulous Bakuchiol Booster which you can read here, as I wanted to enhance my anti-aging skincare routine without breaking the bank, and without compromising on ethical values too. BYBI Beauty are renowned for their eco friendly approach to Beauty, their products are 100% natural, cruelty free, vegan and come in the coolest environmentally conscious packing too.

BYBI Beauty Skincare

Along with the Bakuchio Booster I also purchased a couple of other wonder items and through I'd share them with you, enter the Acid Gold Mask and the CBD Booster!

*independent review, not sponsored : I purchased these items myself.


We all know how important Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHAs) are in an anti-aging skincare regime, gentle yet powerful acids that exfoliate dead skin cells which dull the complexion. As we age the turnover of the top skin cell layer slows down, meaning we need more help to keep that process at an optimal level. AHA's can help to exfoliate the top layer, removing the dull outer layer to regenerate and brighten the skin.

BYBI Acid Gold Mask

BYBI's Acid Gold Mask uses a powerhouse of 4 plant-derived natural acids (lactic, malic, glycolic and tartaric) in a thick jelly formula which is easy to apply using the provided brush. Simply leave for 5-15 minutes and rinse off with warm water. The addition of papaya and pumpkin enzymes helps with blemish control and healing, revealing a clear complexion. Moisturising elements of sea buckthorn oil and glycerin help to balance the skin, providing a hit of hydration which makes the mask incredibly powerful yet gentle. I'm in love with this mask, my skin truly glows after using it and it helps to clear my hyperpigmentation issues. My skin is clearer, plumper and less lined and it really combats the occasional breakouts I get.


AHA Face Mask

BYBI Beauty AHA Gold Face Mask

Now if you follow me on Insta, you'll know I am a massive fan of The Ordinary's AHA 30% & BHA 2% Peeling Solution mask, the blood red acid mask that has taken affordable anti-aging to another level. It's a hugely powerful mask which I use it once a fortnight, I envisage using the BYBI Beauty Acid Gold mask on alternative weeks as a gentler alternative. If you're new to acid masks, I would recommend starting with the BYBI Acid Gold mask, before progressing to The Ordinary's mask.


So this is my first foray into the confusing world of CBD skincare. I've been wanting to try a CBD serum or skin oil for a while, but wanted a brand I could trust and I'm happy to report that the BYBI CBD Booster has more than fulfilled my expectations! This is such a fabulous product for stressed, sensitised and blemish prone skin. 

BYBI Beauty CBD Booster Serum

A beautifully nourishing and gentle serum, only 2 drops are needed AM or PM which you can apply directly to the face, or add to your favourite serums and moisturisers. It contains 100mg of cannabidiol in hydrating hemp oil, and I love that BYBI Beauty have listed the concentration of the CBD in their product.  

CBD is fabulous at reducing inflammation in the skin, helping to reduce and heal blemishes, spots and breakouts. The calming properties also help to reduce redness in the skin, leaving a clearer and more uniform complexion. The hemp seed carrier oil is non comedogenic and delivers a great hit of hydration without clogging pores, even in oily areas of the face. 

BYBI Beauty CBD Booster

CBD Skincare

Now while this product isn't technically an 'anti-aging' product, it does combat many of the problems associated with mature skin. Redness, inflammation and irritation and if you're like me, the occasional breakout. Skin doesn't suddenly change at a certain age leaving behind all your previous problems and exchanging them for only age related issues. A good anti-aging skincare routine will holistically address all the problems your mature skin experiences. I have found adding the CBD Booster to my skincare regime has massively helped my underlying skin issues of breakouts and redness, just by enhancing my daytime moisturiser with a couple of drops. 

BYBI Beauty Skinare

I hope you've enjoyed my mini BYBI Beauty haul and review, I've been using the boosters for a couple of months now (these are repeat purchases), and thought I'd also try the Acid mask this time, which I've used for a couple of weeks and am very happy with the results. Let me know if you've tried any of these products, or have any recommendations for affordable good quality skin products for mature skin. I do love a good recommendation!

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