Kiko 30 Days Extension Mascara Review : Does It Really Grow Your Lashes?

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I'm a sucker for a new beauty brand so recently I made an order from Kiko Cosmetics and will do a round up of the products I tried in the coming weeks, but here I want to do a more in-depth review of their lash lengthening Mascara... I mean, a mascara that claims to grow your lashes? This I had to try!

KIKO lash lengthening mascara

Kiko30 Days Extension - Daily Treatment Mascara

KikoMilano are an Italian cosmetics brand founded in 1997 (so not new to the industry, but new to me!) who's aim is to provide high end innovative cruelty-free make-up at an affordable price. I first heard about the brand and the mascara when reading an article on Stylist about the best lash lengthening products on the market. 

Now I've tried a couple of lash growth serums over the years including Revitalash and Rapidlash, both of which good lash lengthening results, but they are eye wateringly (!) expensive and also reddened the skin on my eyelids along the lash line, so for the last couple of years I haven't used any lash lengthening products and my eyelashes were looking a little sparse and short to say the least.

KIKO mascara

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much of a result from the Kiko mascara, I mean at £6 it's a tenth of the price of Revitalash and a bargain for just a mascara, never mind a product that claims to act as a lash serum too. 

My first impressions were that the packaging looks good, I'm a sucker for anything gold and shiny. But I was disappointed at the brush shape, I prefer a curved fluffier brush and this one is completely straight with short straight bristles. Even so, after using I found the brush does actually work well. 

woman applying mascara

In terms of usage, I need to apply a good 2 coats to get decent coverage but even then this is a definitely a natural looking mascara. Perfect for daytime or a natural look, I wouldn't reach for this mascara for a dramatic eye look or for night's out. 

So I've currently been using the mascara for about 6 weeks, and I have to say there has been a definite improvement in lash length! I haven't seen any improvement in the thickness or fullness of my lashes, but I didn't with the more expensive lash serums either. My lashes are most definitely longer after using the Kiko 30 Days Extension Mascara for a good few weeks!

KIKO 30 Days Extension Daily Treatment Mascara

So would I recommend this mascara? Yep indeedy, I sure would! I've actually got used to the brush after my initial disappointment, it's just personal preference after all, but the brush does apply the product well. I haven't experienced any redddening of the lash line that I had with previous serums and this mascara won't change the colour of your eyes as can happen with some of the stronger lash growth serums. And it's so damn convenient, I wear mascara most days anyway, so why not use a product that lengthens your lashes? And can we mention the price?! This is a serious bargain. 

The Kiko 30 Days Extension - Daily Treatment Mascara has become my go-to daytime mascara. I will switch it up for a more dramatic mascara for night-time and photography looks, but for a natural looking mascara, this is a fabulous product!

*independent review, not sponsored : I purchased this item myself.

KIKO Lash Growth Mascara

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