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Hey lovelies,

I was recently thinking of my missed holidays this year and if I can't go to the Mediterranean, then the Mediterranean can come to me!


woman with Oliveda skincare products

That's why I'm super excited to try out the Oliveda Skincare range, made with the elixir of olive tree leaves.  The company motto is 'Beauty that comes from within and radiates to the outside' and we all know what a wonder olive oil is for health, the Mediterranean diet is well known for its anti-aging properties. And Oliveda have captured the goodness of the olive tree in their all natural, cruelty free skincare range. Their research found that traditional methods of creating skincare use around 70% water in their formulations, Oliveda have exchanged this water for their fabulous elixir extracted from olive tree leaves. 

As regular readers will know, I'm revamping my anti-aging skincare routine and so I focused on three anti-aging skincare products that Oliveda create.


Oliveda skincare products

Oliveda Cell Active Face Serum F06

A highly concentrated face serum, packed with healing properties of olive tree leaf extract. The serum spreads evenly on the face and is quickly absorbed, nourishing the skin and reducing pores and dark spots. Stressed and dehydrated skin is left refreshed and glowing. I apply the serum after cleansing and before face creams, AM & PM.

Oliveda Anti-Aging Face Cream F07

This is a beautifully rich yet light face cream containing olive polyphenols, natural anti-aging compounds produced by olive trees which stimulate living cells and prolong their lifespan, visibly improving the skin's elasticity and plumpness and promoting collagen production. The cream also features avocado oil, another anti-aging powerhouse supplying a huge dose of moisture to the skin without breakouts. I'm using this cream after cleansing and applying the Oliveda serum, AM & PM.

Oliveda Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream F09

A gentle yet powerful eye cream containing the olive leaf elixir along with extracts from Arbequina olives. The eye area feels gently moisturised and tightened, reducing fine lines and crows feet. It's brightening properties reduce puffiness, while polyphenols act as a shield against environmental damage. I apply after cleansing and applying the serum,  AM & PM, gently patting the cream around the eye area. 


woman with Oliveda face serum

Oliveda are kindly offering free shipping worldwide for the whole of August 2020, and in addition I have a 15% off code valid for 2 weeks from the date of this post, just enter code SHE15 at the checkout. Oliveda are a super approachable company ready to answer any questions, so please connect with them through their instagram page if you have any queries!

Oliveda skin care

**Ad/PR Product : This post contains items that were kindly gifted to me


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