6 Reasons Your Period May Be Irregular

 One of the most frustrating things for women who are trying to conceive a baby is an irregular cycle. Irregular periods may have felt like an inconvenience before, but when trying to conceive it can cause added stress trying to work out when your body is fertile. There's also the chance that you didn't know that your periods were irregular, especially if you were taking the contraceptive pill or have a contraceptive implant.

An irregular cycle can get in the way of conceiving a new baby to the point that some women can’t conceive by themselves without a little help. There are some couples who choose to pay for surrogacy and IVF abroad when they can’t get around the fertility issues. Before you reach this point, it can really help to know why your period is irregular in the first place - so that you know it’s not going to be something you’re necessarily doing. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at six valid reasons your cycle has cycled off.

  1. Birth control. The contraceptive pill or an IUD that releases hormones are both reasons that some women have irregular cycles. The artificial hormones override your own, forcing your body to be regular and masking any ussies you may have. Once you come off the birth control, however, that’s when you might notice that something isn't quite right and your period isn't showing up on time. 

  2. PCOS. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is a difficult one for some women to notice is happening. When the ovaries develop repeated cysts, the eggs that are due to be released “gear up”, but the cyst and hormones cause a misalignment. The body either doesn't ovulate, or the eggs are reabsorbed and the body tries again. A doctor can help with this diagnosis if you’re concerned about why you aren't ovulating.

  3. Early menopause. Known as perimenopause, this is the transition before you enter the full menopause where your body stops producing eggs and your periods stop entirely. It’s usually something that hits in the 40s, but some women deal with the symptoms of early menopause earlier than that.

  4. Thyroid issues. An underactive thyroid can interfere with your cycle and it can cause them to be longer, heavier and you can feel more pained with them, too. Your hormones are so important when it comes to your menstrual cycle. Without balance, things go off-kilter exceptionally quickly!

  5. Stress. It’s a catch-22 here. You’re stressed out because your period hasn't arrived on time, and your period won’t arrive because you’re stressed. Most people incorrectly believe that it’s the menses itself that’s late; it’s not. Your period will always arrive 10-14 days after you ovulate. If you ovulate late, that’s when your period is late. Stress can delay ovulation - so you need to learn to destress regularly. 

  6. A deeper issue. Sometimes, irregular cycles are deeper than the issues here, which is why it’s so important for women to be seen by their regular doctor.


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