5 Tips For Choosing Clothes Items For Your Man

 Clothing can be a great gift, yet making choices for other people can be tricky. To help you choose clothing for the man in your life, pay attention to these five simple tips.

1 . Assess his style

Before you start clothes shopping for your partner it’s a good idea to assess his style. Take a good look at what he wears, and raid his wardrobe too! If you could sum up his style, what would it be? Perhaps he goes for a classic look? Maybe it’s youthful and on-trend? Instead, it could be a little vintage or eccentric? Whatever it is, make an assessment and base your choices on these styles.

2. Ask his pals 

Struggling to make a decision? Try asking his friends for advice. Of course, you’ll know what your guy wears, but it can still be useful to get a second opinion. If you’re shopping online, share a few links and ask for feedback. Shopping in a store? Snap a few pics and send them to his pals. Hopefully, you’ll get at least a few opinions to point you in the right direction.

3. Play it safe

When you’re choosing clothing items for someone else, it’s best to play it safe! Try to choose clothing that’s similar to what your partner already owns. To stay in safe territory these questions might come in handy.

  • Which brands does he already buy from?

  • What are his staple looks?

  • Which colours does he usually wear?

  • Are there any clothing items he actually needs?

  • Does he ever shop in vintage stores?

Questions like these can help you to make informed decisions and avoid making the wrong purchases. If in doubt, just keep the receipts and hope for the best! Buying men’s presents can sometimes be a little difficult, which is why it pays to play it safe!

4. Go for quality 

When you’re buying clothing items, always go for quality over fast fashion. Whether it’s a coat or a pair of shoes, go for items that will last. If you’re looking for a pair of quality men’s shoes, check out these Mens Brown and Blue Lace up Brogues. Purchasing from quality brands is the best way to avoid waste and practice mindful shopping.

5. Sustainable brands 

Lastly, when you’re shopping for clothing gifts try to focus on sustainable brands. Before you make a purchase do a bit of research. Find out which men’s brands use eco-friendly materials and ethical practices. To help you figure this out check out the Good On You app. Using this app you can look up plenty of different clothing brands and get a sustainability score for each one. Learning about eco-friendly fashion can help you know which brands to steer clear of.

Using these simple ideas you’ll find your next shopping trip a whole lot easier. Before you head out, make a list of ideas. It’s helpful to have a vague idea of what you’re looking for, from brands to colour options.


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