6 Gift Ideas for Mothers Day

 Picking the perfect gift for your sister, mother, friend, colleague or wife can be challenging. You need to beware of their favorite colour, what they don't already own, and what they would attach sentimental value to. Every woman likes to be gifted, but it can be tricky coming up with new gift ideas yearly. If you’re looking for an exceptional gift for Mother's Day this year here are some ideas.

Contemporary jewellery

Contemporary jewellery is sleek, chic, and bold. It lifts an outfit and finishes a look. You could opt for a gift of a bracelet to cuff with day wear or an evening dress or gorgeous earrings that will suit her daily looks. If the lady in question works from home, a contemporary silver necklace will make her stand out during virtual meetings.

Leggings and yoga wear

Great workout wear makes you feel great and more likely to stick to a fitness routine. Comfort is key when going for evening walks, relaxing, or doing a daily workouts. Yoga wear, just like leggings, is a perfect gift for your loved one if she likes to go to the gym, do Pilates, or yoga. It will motivate her and make her look more stylish.


Gifting the perfect pair of frames sparks joy, and brightens smiles. Sunglasses are an unconventional gift that will make a huge impact in your loved one’s life and make them feel special. To make the right choice, consider the shape of their face, trendy eyewear, and their style/favourite brand.


Every woman will love a pair of new shoes. There are different styles and colours of shoe wear to choose from. Depending on her style, you can gift her with sneakers, brogues, stilettos, boots, or ballet flats. Also, you can decide to surprise your wife with a trendy kind of shoe that you always wanted to see her wear. However, be sure to know her size, and if you don't, peek through her favourite pair of shoes.

Stylish clothing

While choosing an outfit may be challenging especially during lockdown and unable to have a shopping trip together, so choose accessories as a gift, something that adds style to an outfit. A cashmere or printed scarf to go with her coats, wrap dress, or a waterfall cardigan that fits all sizes.

Luxurious pyjamas

After a day's work, it's so lovely to relax with some herbal tea, a book, or some wine. What better way to relax than with stylish and comfortable pyjamas before bedtime? Get the special lady in your life a nice, lightweight robe that she can come down to breakfast with or carry when traveling.

Bottom line

Whoever you are celebrating on Mothers Day, ever yourself perhaps, a gift with love will brighten the day. Choose the perfect eyewear, shoes, clothing, luxurious pyjamas, or contemporary jewellery to gift her. Make sure the gift is creative and goes with her style so that she can relate to it.


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