Protect Your Eyes and Look Good Too : 10 Tips to the Perfect Eyewear

Hey lovelies,

Most of us are likely to enjoy a nice, exotic "staycation" this year. While this might not have been your original plan and you had to wave goodbye to that much-needed holiday to Ibiza, protecting your eyes in summer is essential. 

As the days get sunnier, sunglasses are essential to protect your eyes from the damaging effects of UV rays and allow you to drive in total safety. Of course, picking a frame that works for your face is essential to sport your new sunglasses with pride. 

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100% UV Protection

Prolonged exposure to UV rays can cause long and short damages to your eye and vision. We all know how important it is to safeguard your skin with sunscreen, investing in a high-quality pair of sunglasses can help you shield your eyes from these damaging rays. 

Arguably, the level of UV protection the sunglasses can offer you should be the single most important factor in the buying process. That is why we are wearing sunglasses in the first place! 

Make sure that the pair you have picked offer 100% protection against UV rays. These might be higher-quality and, sometimes, more expensive. But with the tips below you are likely to keep them with you for many years to come!

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Opt for Larger Frames for More Protection

The larger the frame, the more protection it offers to your eyes. Indeed, larger lenses will be able to shield your eyes from most angles and ensure total coverage. 

Larger frames might not be the most suitable ones for your look or style. If this is the case, try to opt for the largest ones you still feel comfortable wearing.

Alternatively, you could opt for having two pairs of sunglasses, one for the daily tear and wear - the other for the occasional exclusive event.

Opt for Polarized Lenses

Polarized lenses will not offer you any protection against the damage that UV rays can cause to your eyes. However, such lenses can reduce the level of glare you can experience during a sunny day. This characteristic becomes incredibly important when driving or navigating busy roads. 

Indeed, it is easy to be dazzled by the reflection of the sun in front of us, and sunglasses without polarized lenses can make the situation noticeably worse. If you are only using one pair of sunglasses, selecting polarized lenses will make them much more versatile and suitable to be worn on many different occasions.

Find the Right Size

Size is much more important than you would think! Frames that are too large on a petite face can easily ruin your look, while tiny frames on a rounder or larger face can be unflattering. 

Indeed, wearing a pair of sunglasses that don't fit you perfectly will have you deal with frames that tend to slide down your nose or restrict your breathing. 

If you have found the right type of frame or lenses for your style, but they always seem to be too large or too small, try other models that can better suit your features.

Select Durable Eyewear

Once you bring the sunglasses home with you, you will be wearing them while driving, riding your bike, or even running. They will be the trusted layer of protection you are offering to your eyes. However, glasses that can easily break and shatter can represent a much more significant hazard than you would think. 

Especially low-quality shades or models made with materials more prone to breaking can be a dangerous addition to your outfit. To avoid this, when shopping for your sunglasses, make sure that they are resistant to impact and tested against it.

A Blue Light Filter Can Help You Protect Your Eyes

I discussed the damaging effects of blue light on skin my ZO Sunscreen post here and blue light is equally damaging to eyesight. Sunglasses that boast an integrated blue light filter are optimal if you tend to look at your screen very often. 

Indeed, the light that our phones, laptops, and other devices emit can be extremely detrimental for the health of our eyesight and bodies. That is why blue light prevents the production of melatonin. This can have consequences such as lack of sleep and increased eye strain.

Making sure that your sunglasses boast a blue light filter can help you control the level of blue light that reaches your eyes. If you spend quite some time staring at a screen, this simple addition can help you enjoy a much higher quality of sleep and not suffer as much from eye strain.

Make Sure There Is No Distortion

Peripheral vision distortion is a condition you might experience in a new pair of sunglasses, especially in the case of low-quality ones. While sometimes we don't put much attention in the quality of shades we use to look good on holiday, it is essential to remember that wearing them can affect your vision. If you are experiencing long-term vision distortion with your sunglasses, you should swap them for a higher-quality pair that can protect your eyesight.

This is especially crucial if you are prone to eye strain or wear prescription glasses. While your eyes might need a little time to adjust to the new prescription or lenses, it is vital that this does not continue for extended time frames. In the long run, this can cause vision problems!

What Colour Is Best for You?

Picking the right colour for your lenses is essential, and not just because it can enhance your look! Aside from personal preferences, you should make sure the colour of your sunglasses is adequate for your summer activities.

Here is a brief guide:

  • Gray: all-purpose glasses, suitable for sunny and cloudy days. They are excellent in minimizing glare and allow you to perceive true colours.

  • Brown/Amber: perfect for high-intensity activities such as sports and driving. Increases contrast and depth perception.

  • Green: all-purpose, can help minimize glare.

  • Yellow: perfect for activities such as skiing and mountain biking, can cause colour distortion in normal settings.

  • Blue: reduces glare, perfect in cloudy or rainy conditions.

Opt for Timeless Styles (and Say Goodbye to Fast-Fashion)

Changing your sunglasses to ensure that you have the ideal UV protection is paramount. However, fast-fashion can have a significant environmental impact, especially when we buy low-quality, inexpensive products that have not been produced sustainably. 

So, instead of buying many sunglasses to go with your outfits, select a timeless piece or classic shades that can be with you for many years to come! 

Know Your Frames (Hint: Opposites Attract!)

Face shape and skin hue are essential elements to consider when selecting the perfect frames. The rule of thumps is square sunglasses for round faces and round shades for more square faces!

Here are some styles and tips to keep in mind:

  • Diamond-shaped face - cat-eye shape or rimless sunglasses

  • Round face - rectangular or octagonal frames

  • Triangular face - frames with accented top rims or cat-eye

  • Heart-shaped - light-coloured frames that are delicate and thin

  • Oblong face - any shape will work, but coloured temples can add a touch of personality

  • Oval face - opt for walnut-shaped frames

  • Square face - narrow oval-shaped frames

Of course, personal preferences are essential, especially if you have opted for a pair of sunglasses that you are planning to wear for many years. However, picking a type that works with the shape of your face can help you feel more confident and comfortable. 

Other factors to keep in mind include the colour of your eyes, complexion, and hair. If you wish to add a little colour to your outfit, don't be afraid of experimenting with new frames and hues!


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