How CBD Can Benefit Exercise

Both exercise and CBD are having huge moments in the wellness industry right now. Both promote a sense of wellbeing, improved mental health, as well as physical health. To attain more advantages, it is in fact beneficial to mix the two. Those with a regular fitness regime can attain great benefits from using CBD oil before or after a workout. From more energy to increased muscle recovery; here’s more on how CBD can benefit your fitness.

How does CBD work for exercise?

You will know what muscle soreness feels like after a workout for those who regularly weight train at home or in the gym. Equally, you will know how good it feels to replenish your muscles with active ingredients that benefit repair and recovery. 

Weight training causes temporary damage to the muscle tissue, which triggers inflammation. Thus, CBD oil’s anti-inflammatory effects can help repair the damage that occurs after a weight training session.

Through research for other inflammation-induced issues, CBD oil is shown as a natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidative, antiemetic, antipsychotic, and neuroprotective. All of which are useful for post-weight training muscle soreness recovery. There are numerous brands out there for gym-goers to use for these benefits, such as Simply CBD.

Should I take it before or after working out?

After working out, most fitness fanatics consume a protein shake or protein-rich foods to repair their muscles. Protein contains essential amino acids, which can help repair sore muscles when fed into your body. During a workout, microscopic inflammatory tears appear in your muscle tissue, which causes soreness and pain after a workout. To repair inflammation after a workout, CBD may also be useful. 

CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. Reviews suggest that using CBD for pain and inflammation is beneficial for multiple health concerns, from disease to joint mobility. It is safe to take after a workout as CBD has little to no side effects. 

It is believed that placing CBD oil under your tongue helps the active compounds work quicker for faster results. As CBD is a natural compound and can be used for various medical concerns and health benefits, it can be taken at any time. There is insufficient evidence to suggest when to take CBD to attain its exercise benefits, so it is up to you to decide what benefits you wish to gain and when to use it. 

Using CBD before a workout can reduce anxiety, relieve stress, and may help improve performance. Again, the evidence is loose here, so these benefits may not be attainable for everyone or from every type of CBD product. 

CBD oil is commonly known and used for reducing anxiety. Many of us who often get nervous before working out or a fitness competition will know how anxiety can overwhelm the mind and hinder performance. A way to alleviate this stress and anxiety before a workout is by using CBD oil. Its active compounds can reduce nervousness, discomfort, and anxiety, and improve cognitive function ahead of a performance. 

Regarding improving athletic performance, the research is still ongoing but shows that CBD may help boost energy, which could result in a better performance if taken before a workout. Remember, the evidence is limited here, so you may not see any improvement to your energy. If you would like to use it before a workout, it may be best added to a smoothie or a drink of choice. Simply add a few drops, as you would orally, to your drink to enjoy a pre-workout refreshment. Adding it to a drink that contains water will help you stay hydrated throughout your workout, which may help optimize your performance. 

Should I use it?

If you want to attain quicker muscle recovery, a better performance, and reduce anxiety before a workout, then it is definitely worth it. It is a natural product that can be added to drinks, skincare, and food if you are worried about using it in a concentrated form. CBD is very versatile and can suit all needs and preferences. You could even take it before and after a workout if you stick to the daily dosage requirements.

As with other supplements, however, you may need to consult with your healthcare professional before trying it out, especially if you have certain health conditions or are taking medications. In addition, results vary from one person to another, which means it may work with optimal results to some, while others may not experience any improvement. Worse, others may be at risk of suffering from potentially harmful side effects.


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