Signs You Need to See an Eye Doctor

 It is often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul. However, there are times when these windows may start to show signs of deterioration. When deterioration occurs it's best to get help quickly. 

The last thing you want is to be walking around squinting your eyes trying to see people and things around you. Not only will it make you look odd, it can be very inconvenient as well. The following are clear signs that you need to get some help.

Gravel Feeling

It's not uncommon to feel like there is a foreign body in your eye needling you. If this does not go away with time then you need to get professional help. It could be that your eyes have dried out because they have come under excessive strain. This may happen when you have too much screen time.

Often this can be accompanied by redness in your eye. There's no need to walk around looking scary, the problem can either be resolved by visiting your eye doctor. Wear sunglasses in the meantime, not only will you look fashion forward but you will also be protecting your eyes from irritating UV glare.

No matter how tempted you are, avoid rubbing your eyes during this time. You will only get a greater case of the red eye.

Pain In the Eyes

Eye pain is hard to ignore, if you are not just squinting your brows to see but also blinking and squinting from pain, it's time to see your eye doctor. Your eyes can often give you accurate warnings about the overall state of your health.

Pain may be trying to tell you that there is an infection in the making, or it could be that it has already arrived. Visit an eye clinic to find out for sure.

Eye Fatigue

Eye fatigue is another major reason why you may need to see an eye doctor. This is a common problem these days, so if you find yourself battling this issue you are not alone. 

Many people spend hours in front of television screens, and some people are practically glued to their computer screens 24 hours a day. 

Eye fatigue and dryness can be treated. If it gets to be too excessive you'll need to see a doctor.

Blurry Vision

If things start appearing in double and triplicate when you look at them there's a serious issue at hand. Sometimes there may be a bigger health issue at play. However, it could just be that your vision is fading and you need to figure out how to slow down or stop the process as quickly as you can.

Go Into Protection Mode

Your vision is precious, it allows you to see the beautiful world around you and find joy in it. The last thing you want is to lose your eyesight and be unable to enjoy the beauty that surrounds you. 

If you notice any of the symptoms on the list here go ahead and get help.


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