5 Father’s Day Gifts for Style Conscious Men

 Shopping for gifts is one of the toughest things to do, especially with style-conscious men. Sometimes fathers seem to have everything they need, but then again, it wouldn't be polite to show up at dinner empty-handed. Although he may not give you any ideas, he probably has his eye on a few things he'd like. So, to show the man in your life how much you appreciate him, here are some of the top things you can gift him on Father’s Day.


A classic watch is a gift that will be used everyday, useful and never goes out of style, so on this father's day, purchasing a wristwatch is an amazing gift. To gift your style-conscious husband, learn the history of the Rolex Submariner, and choose the wristwatch that suits him best. Then, package it nicely, write a simple message on a card, and surprise him during dinner.


Although sometimes overwhelmed with responsibilities, fathers still enjoy spending time with the family and making sure they document special moments. If the dad in your life is adventurous and likes to live in the moment, a quality camera is a great gift idea. A quality camera can also enable him to take photos of himself and his outfits if he's very style-conscious. When he grows older, the memories he documents using the camera you gift him will probably be the best he can hold onto.

Designer shoes

Most people think designer shoes are for young people and an obsession with most women! But the trend has changed fo quality classic footwear has moved to include the men in your life too. Fathers also need to be stylish, and what better way to do it than wear designer shoes from Adidas, Nike, Canvas, Prada, Jordan's, or Gucci. Determine his shoe size from other shoes and purchase a pair/s that match his outfits.

A good suit

A 'good suit' spells out class and style for every man who wears one, and this is a wardrobe essential covering may occasions. If your husband likes to wear suits or you'd like him to wear them more, gift him with a well made evening suit. He can wear it to special events, and with you by his side, you can bring an air of sophistication. Get his size measurements from other suits to make sure the cut fits.


Stylish clothing is incomplete without scent.  A perfume that gives off an expensive fragrance attracts the attention of many people and gives a confidence boost to the one wearing it. The man in your life will appreciate a great aftershave. You can surprise your significant other with with a great fragrance from from renowned designers like Clive Christian, Tom Ford, Armani, or Jo Malone.

Father's day is meant to celebrate all the dads and let them know they're special and appreciated. So take this opportunity to shop for gifts that go with his stylish personality, like a designer watch, fragrance, shoes, suit, and share a new fashion brand you think they may like.


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