Curating the Perfect His and Hers Wardrobe

 When you are a couple and the both of you love the fashion world, why not spend some time trying to curate the perfect his and hers wardrobe so that your outfits work well together and highlight the both of you as fashion icons? Not only does this combine your love for fashion with your commitment to one another, but it is also a fun idea that the two of you could enjoy and make memories from. Here are some tips you might want to use.

Find Brands the Both of You Love

As the both of you love fashion and to wear the latest trends, it would come as no surprise that you may have your favourite fashion brands. Of course, your favourites may differ from one another, but why not take the time to discuss the brands that mean something to you and see if the other also likes their clothing? It could be that your partner has never taken the time to look at Versace. If this is the case, then why not show them the new Versace line online and see whether there are any items of clothing that speaks to them? If there is, the both of you could incorporate Versace accessories or have matching Versace footwear. 

Exploring one another’s love and sharing them with each other is what makes a strong relationship. If you stumble across a new fashion brand or a trend that you think the other may like, be sure to share it with them. 

Choose a Colour Palette

Do you have a favourite colour palette that you love to wear or incorporate into your usual outfits? If so, why not see if you and your partner can also wear elements of your favourite colours? It could be that the two of you love the same colour palette, and if this is the case, why not build a his and hers wardrobe that has the same colour scheme? Not only will the both of you look cute and like fashion icons, but it would ensure that the two of you will always match (if you love to match, that is!). 

Don’t Be Afraid to Clash

On the other hand, it could be that the two of you do not have the same favourite colours. If this is the case, do not worry, as juxtaposing aesthetics can also work well and make the two of you stand out. Picture this: you love wearing pinks and pastels, as well as anything that is ‘kawaii’. Your partner, on the other hand, wears a lot of grungy colours and black. Together, this unusual combination can allow the two of you to bounce off one another as one is ‘light’ and the other is ‘dark’. 

Finding a special someone who appreciates and shares your love of fashion and brands can make for a perfect relationship. Why not showcase your love for fashion by building a wardrobe that not only highlights your aesthetic, but also transforms the two of you into style icons? 


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