6 Easy Tips To Live A Happier Life

 One person’s happiness will be different to that of someone else. It could be having confidence within your own skin, having a close knit, accepting group of friend and active social life. Whatever it is that drives your happiness, living and having a happier life is there for the taking and with a few little lifestyle tweaks, you have it. 

Firstly, let address your habits. Habits get ingrained within your being. So once you’ve worked on positive changes and become happier build it into your routine and let it become a new positive habit. 

Here are some changes you could make to help jumpstart this happiness journey. Just remember everyone is different, if it doesn’t make you happy move onto something new. With time you’ll find what works and make that part of your norm.

Smile More

Smiling not only shows that you are happy but it also works the other way. Smiling can make you happy. This is because a smile releases a hormone in my brain which makes you feel the emotion of happiness. And it lifts facial skin and muscles, instant facelift..what's not to love!


Undertaking on a fitness journey is not only beneficial to you physically but also for your emotional wellbeing. Exercising on a regular basis but will help you be happier by reducing stress, anxiety, depression and boosting your own self-confidence and self-esteem. If exercising is a new habit, start off slowly. It is important that you make it enjoyable and allow it to become a new longstanding habit in order to reap the maximum reward. 

Take Pride In Your Appearance 

How you view yourself will influence your happiness. If you look in the mirror and see do not like what you see, you will not feel good or confident and this can bring your mood down. By taking that time to focus on your appearance, will lift your spirit and help keep you motivated to continue making these changes. Make the change to your morning routine and sit down on your mirrored dressing tables and brush your hair, do your skincare routine, apply your make up or whatever will make you feel good.  


Although our lives are busy it is key that you are making ample time to get a good amount of sleep and rest. On average you should be aiming for 7-8 hours per night. Sleep is a basic human necessity and when it is achieved regularly it helps will your brains function, general health and emotional wellbeing. 

Small Acts Of Kindness

Giving a smile to someone or offering a compliment is a small gesture that takes no time but can lift someone else up. Not only does your small act of kindness make someone feel good but it will also leave you feeling more satisfied and give you a happiness boost. 

Make Time For Self-Care

Your mind and body go through a lot daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. So look after yourself. Take yourself for a bath, go for a walk, read a book. Do what you must to keep yourself taken care of. A nurtured you will be a happy you. 


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