Where Are You Right Now?

This might seem like an odd question, especially as there are so many apps on our smartphones that can tell us precisely where we are, and where we have been at any time of the day or night. You only need to look at the screen to see 'I am here, I was there'.

Modern technology provides an answer to a simple question. Yet the philosophical debate brings another perspective. Daniel C. Dennett’s short essay “Where Am I?” shares the story of a man, Dennett, whose brain is removed from his body. After the operation, Dennett cannot decide whether he is the body or the brain, and which part of him holds his true identity. 'Where we are?' in life can frefer to our physical location, spiritual journey and the place we occupy mentally. Ultimately, we exist on different planes at the same time. What happens if we get out of sync with our “locations”? 

Your 'Online' Location

Your physical location should be a place of safety. It is designed to provide you with the shelter you need to recharge your batteries and rest. Your home, for instance, acts as a safe nest. However, we live in an era where our online presence is growing out of control. An innocent selfie shared on Instagram; for instance, could let everybody know your location if you’ve accidentally allowed Instagram to publish geotags. It may be fine if you’ve got only a few followers, but ultimately, once the information is shared online, it can live forever. So, if you don’t want unexpected guests to find out your home address online, check and double check privacy settings on social media accounts . Another important consideration about your online presence is for bloggers. Publishing your contact information can make you look trustworthy, but it comes at a cost. You can instead use a service such as physicaladdress.com which offers an online mailbox. You can share the mailbox address rather than your home. 

Your 'Stress' Location

Stress turns up the light in your mind when you’re lying in bed. It keeps you awake at night, making you think about the things that happened or that could happen. Stress is a sleep robber. For a restful night, you want to find effective ways of keeping stress at bay. Yet, the easiest approach is to understand what stress does to your “location”. Stress, ultimately, transports you to a different place and time, even though you’re in your bedroom. It takes you back to that day at the office or to the meeting arranged for next week. Practice mindfulness, where you concentrate on living in the here and now, and not reliving the past or worrying about events that haven't even happened yet.

Your 'Nutrition' Location

You probably remember to eat your 5 a day. However, do you know if you’re eating seasonal or imported produce? Local produce is fresh and nutritious and seasonal There’s a reason why you need to be where your food is grown: It’s full of goodness for the body! Imported produce can be blanched, frozen, or even dehydrated to enhance its lifespan. Besides, the environment will be grateful for your kindness, 'food miles' are a major contributor to climate change, by eating locally grown seasonal produce you minimise the effects on the environment.

Where are you right now?

There is more than one answer to the question. But one thing is for sure. Google Maps app can’t tell you if you’re in the right place for your wellbeing.


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