Wonderful Winter Gifts For Men Born In December

People born in December tend to have a much tougher time of it when it comes to receiving gifts and feeling celebrated on their birthday. The reason is obvious, of course. When you’re born that close to Christmas, you tend to come in a little lower on the priorities in terms of celebrations. However, if a man in your life has a December birthday, you can turn their fortune around with some of the following thoughtful Winter gifts.

The perfect time for a warm drink

Very on trend at the moment, reusable coffee cups are a great gift idea and a more environmentally conscious way to get that daily coffee shop hit. An insulated one will keep drinks warm when you're on the go, just think of all the winter walks we're taking while we're being encouraged to socialise outside. And you can personalise the choice with monogrammed initials or a design based on interests and hobbies.

Keeping them warm and snug

One of the drawbacks of being born in December is that when you want to celebrate your birthday is just when the weather’s starting to take a turn for the worst that it’s likely to get all year. However, you can help keep them comfortable and add a little prestige to their fashion choices with some great mens winter coats. Aside from being a practical choice, a good winter coat is also the staple of many a cool men’s look during the colder seasons.

Shine a little love on them

For as much as people born in December might wish they came into the world a little further away from Christmas, you can still celebrate the unique significance of the timing of their birth. One of the best ways to do that is to incorporate their birthstone into the gift one way or another. For instance, you can get him a pair of Turquoise cufflinks that not only helps him shine in more formal occasions but also adds a bit of a unique dazzle to his outfits with its bright yet rich colours.

Take him on a city break

If you really want to help him feel celebrated and worth of your time and love, then why not spend a little more of it on him? Winter is one of the best times of year to take a city break because things aren’t quite as packed as they are in the summer, but there’s enough going on to create a big buzz, from public events and shows to great shopping deals, and maybe even a Christmas market if your timing is right. Be sure to do your research ahead of time this year, especially, as some places might not be quite as busy celebrating the season as they would in any other year.
You can’t ensure that everyone will be free to celebrate the birthday of the man you love, but you can at least help them feel much more loved by celebrating their birthday with a more thoughtful gift.


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