4 Practical Ways to Improve Your Appearance

Genetics plays a huge role in determining your appearance, but it's not the whole story, looking after yourself both physically and mentally can literally change how you look, and how you see the world too.  No matter your reason for wanting to look better, attractiveness is a desirable trait. In fact, research studies suggest that attractive people are more likely to gain more resources and favours in the long term, known as ‘pretty privilege.’ The good news is that everyone can take steps to enhance their appearance for the better. Here are 4 practical ways to do so.

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  1. You Crowning Glory

Beautifully styled and health hair is a major way to improve your appearance, we all know how a 'good hair day' can lift your mood and make you feel instantly better. Start with your hair washing routine, a good sulphate free shampoo and conditioner is the basis. Or if you're blessed with curly locks, the the 'Curly Girl Method' of co-washing will help protect your beautiful curls. A hair mask once a week is a great way of injecting the shine and bounce back into your hair. And while it's been difficult this year during lockdown, regular visits the the hairdresser will keep your hair style looking polished.

Lack of hair and hair loss can affect confidence about your appearance, but there are many treatments and you can seek help from a hair transplant clinic.

  1. Workout

Workouts are a great way to improve your physical and mental health and consequently your appearance. Whether that's through running, hitting the gym, classes or dancing and even working out from home. Find a workout that suits your lifestyle, because consistency is key. Regular workouts will lead to long term health benefits, and this in turn helps to improve your appearance, and in the short term, a workout gives your skin a beautiful and healthy glow.  Just make sure to stay hydrated. Water, water and more water!

  1. Smile!

 A great smile alone can make a big difference in your appearance. Making sure you have a confident smile starts from taking care of your oral and dental health. You can achieve this by booking appointments with dentists to get your dental work done professionally. Even if you do have naturally straight teeth, you may want to invest in maintaining them. I opted for adult braces in my 40's and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. It's never too late to get a great smile.

  1. Make-up

You know me, I love my make up. I'm happy in the skin I'm in, and often go make-up free on relaxed days. But when I want to look polished and professional, I always wear make up, keeping it subtle and natural. And add some drama for night's out! Make-up can correct flaws, even out your skintone and enhance your natural features. Look for colours that compliment your skin, hair and eyes, and also look for formulations that match your skin type. I generally have combination skin, but on days I;ve used Retin-A cream my skin is much crier, and I adjust my foundation accordingly.

While there are several ways you can enhance your appearance, the above list are some pointers to start with.


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