KIKO Milano Cosmetics Mini Haul & Review : Over 40 Style

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You might remember a few weeks ago I did a post about the fab KIKO Cosmetics Lash Growth Mascara and promised a review of the rest of my order, and here it is!

KIKO MIlano Cosmetics

KIKO Cosmetics Mini Haul

Although Italian brand Kiko Milano are to me, they were actually founded in 1997 (where have I been?!) and pride themselves on high end innovative products at an affordable price. Their products are available to purchase online and they also have stores worldwide. Seeing as I was making an order for the 30 Day Extension Treatment Mascara, I thought I'd also try some more products...always a sucker for a free delivery code!

KIKO Radiant Fusion Baked Powder : shade 02

KIKO Face Powder Compact

A mineral pressed powder enriched with vitamin E and argan oil in a gorgeous gunmetal mirrored compact, this face powder is perfect for setting your foundation without giving a cakey or overdone finish. As my skin has matured I find I still need a powder to set my make-up and reduce T-Zone shine, but I don't want anything too matte or that settles into fine lines. This lightweight powder fits the bill fabulously. It's a superfine pressed powder that keeps shine at bay but provides a lovely dewy luminous finish, leaving my skin looking fresh and radiant. The powder is available in 6 shades and for reference I chose shade 02 which was a perfect match.

Woman using face compact

silver face powder compact

If you're looking for a natural finish face powder or one for more mature skin, then I would highly recommend the Kiko Radiant Fusion Baked Powder.

KIKO Everlasting Colour Precision Lip Liner : shade 402 Almond

KIKO lip liner

The Kiko precision lip pencil is an automatic lip liner, with a twist up function rather than a pencil which needs sharpening. I find this type of lip liner much easier to use and less wastage from sharpening a pencil, where the tip invariable breaks or drops out and then you have to sharpen again. So plus points for that. 

Despite being a twist up style product, the liner also comes with a sharpener in the tip for precision sharpening. Given that the colour tip is only 3mm diameter anyway, this doesn't really feel necessary but if you're wanting a really precise lip line, then it's a useful feature and certainly nice to have. The flip side of the sharpener acts as an applicator, a sort of tiny rubber brush which can be used for blending the lip colour, again another useful addition. In terms of application, the liner is highly pigmented giving a great colour payoff (on my arm), and is long wearing and apparently waterproof, it certainly lasts through a morning cuppa! 

KIKO Precision Lip Liner

So far so good. But the colour I chose was just not a good match for me, shade Almond 402 is much too close to my skin tone and just a little too light for my natural lip colour, so it doesn't really look like I'm wearing lip liner, it's definitely no good for overlining and creating a sharp defined line. For me this shade works better as an infil colour, a lip colour rather than a liner. This is certainly not a fault of the product or brand, I simply chose the wrong colour. The major hazard of online ordering for new makeup products is that you can't test or view products, and have to guess using the online photos where it's difficult to assess true colours.

KIKO Lip Liner swatch in Almond

woman using lip liner pencil
So would I purchase this product again? Certainly for the price it's a great longwear lip liner and has some snazzy additions in the packaging, but I would definitely choose a darker, more pinky nude which suits my skin tone better.

KIKO Perfect Gel Duo Nail Polish : shade 674 Fuchsia

KIKO Nail Polish Duo

A nail polish duo of colour plus light activated top coat which combine to create a gel like finish. To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from this nail polish and added it to the basket because it was such a bargain and to take me to the 'free delivery over £25' threshold. But I have to say I've been pleasantly surprised! Shade Fuchsia is a gorgeous summery bubblegum pink shade and 2 coats give great even coverage. I then added 2 coats of the clear top coat which gives a fabulous gloss finish and intensifies the colour of the laquer. The top coat is a light sensitive formula so comes in a metallic bottle to preserve the formula. 

female hand holding nail polish bottle

Now I suspected that was just a marketing ploy, but I did paint my toenails one afternoon in the garden when it was super hot and sunny, and my nails dried incredibly fast with a rock hard finish! My toenails are still going strong 2 weeks later with no chipping despite the lockdown running I've been doing. My manicure didn't fair so well, I managed about 5 days without chipping but that's actually good going considering the amount of extra and prolonged handwashing I've been doing during the Coronavirus outbreak. These are fairly small bottles at 10ml each so I'm not expecting to be able to do many manicures from them, but in terms of would I recommend?Yes indeedy I would!

womans hand holding nail polish bottle

I hope you found this review helpful if you are considering trying Kiko Milano Cosmetics or any of the products I mentioned. All in all I am a happy customer and will definitely purchase again from this brand.

*independent review, not sponsored : I purchased these items myself.

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