Affordable Zara Haul and Try On : Over 40 Style

Hey lovelies,

I have a Zara haul video for you showcasing some pieces I've been loving over the last few weeks, specifically an an affordable Zara haul. Yes, you can find affordable pieces in Zara!

If you're on a budget like me then you may feel that Zara is not for you, I know I didn't venture in there for many years feeling their items were out of my price range. A blazer for £90 when I can find a very similar one in H&M for £40? And much of their stock is at the pricier end of the High Street, but you can find some pieces in there for a reasonable price, if you're prepared to look for them.

So here are my 3 tips for shopping affordably at Zara.

I've been shopping in Zara for a couple of years now and have found their pricing structure to be odd to say the least! A plain dress in standard fabric can be £60 and then you can find a dress with extra detailing, lining, pleats etc for £30.

So my first tip would be to hunt around in the shop or website, there are often full price items which are very reasonable and don't seem to follow the normal price point.

Secondly, Zara sales are legendary and prices are often slashed 50% and more. But be quick, stock online sells out very quickly, and instore be prepared for an absolute scrum, it gets super busy.

As a bonus tip Zara's sizing can be hit or miss, I'm a standard UK10 and everything from their XS to Large sizes fit me depending on the style and cut. So assess by your eyes not the label, take things into the changing room and try them on.

Thirdly, check out the 'Special prices' promotions dotted around the store where current season stock is temporarily reduced in price, these items are also listed online in the 'Special Prices' category in the main clothing menu, and it's probably easier to check them out here where they're all listed in one place.

Hope my tips have helped, and here's my Zara haul and try on video. Everything here was under £30 and most of the items were under £20. And I know if you're reading this a little while after I've posted it, then many of the items will be out of stock, but this is just a flavour of the kind of items you can find which are more reasonably priced. Plus ,who doesn't love seeing how someone else has styled a outfit?!

Thanks for watching!


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