Manuscript Christmas Vase From a Recycled Tin Can!

Christmas wouldn't be complete without music and I adore it all, from beautiful carols sung by a choir at midnight mass, to pop songs at the work's party. And cooking Christmas dinner is not possible without Mariah Carey warbling "All I Want for Christmas" in the background, I swear it adds some extra flavour to the turkey!

So in keeping with the musical theme, I made a little Christmas vase decorated with music manuscript.

This is a quick and easy last minute Christmas project using recycled materials. Make more than one, and dot them around the house to add some colour and freshness during the winter months.

Read on for the tutorial...

To make the Christmas vase you will need;

tin can, music manuscript and ribbon

A tin can - I think mine was a soup can but any will do, just make sure it's clean (obviously!) and has no sharp edges.
A sheet of Christmas music, I printed mine from
Some left over haberdashery trim (do you recognise this beaded loveliness? It features on my Pink Embellished Umbrella)

making aged paper

Firstly you need to age your manuscript paper, so get the kettle on!
Make a strong cup of tea (no milk).

how to make aged paper

Put the sheet of music in an oven tray and pour the tea over. Leave to stand for 5 minutes and then pour the liquid away, leaving the paper in the tray.

Aged paper tutorial

Place the tray in a very cool oven to dry the paper. Be sure to check the paper regularly and do not leave it. My paper was ready in 10 minutes. Sandwich the manuscript between 2 clean sheets of paper and gently press it with a cool iron.

music sheet vase

Cut the paper to fit your can, overlapping slightly at the back and glue into place.

recycled tin can vase

Cut a length of ribbon or haberdashery trim to decorate the can and glue into place.

flower vase from recycled can

Just add some flowers and your little vase is ready.

Although I've used a Christmas manuscript to decorate the vase, this idea would work equally well with any sheet of music and could be used all year round...or celebrate News Year with "Auld Lang Syne"!

Merry Christmas to all my lovely readers, and Happy New Year!


Julia said…
What a cute project! I love it so much that I decided to feature it in our roundup of recycle crafts! Check it out here:
Wag Doll said…
Wow, thank you Julia! xx
Anonymous said…
I love this and plan to make it in the future for my granddaughter....she is really is into music...piano & guitar. What a great gift idea...thanks

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