"Falsetesers" A Clean Eating Chocolate Dessert - Eating Clean & Looking Lean

Chocolate balls...indeed!

chocolate dinner dessert

Here's a recipe for a super easy all natural dessert, which looks good enough to serve at a dinner party.

Inspired by Nia Shank's Brownie Balls recipe, I changed a couple of ingredients and got busy in the kitchen. Be sure to check out Nia's website, she has a wealth of fitness knowledge and has some really great clean eating recipes.

I originally called them Chocolate Balls .....but then thought better of it! While struggling to come up with a suitably non-pornographic name a friend of mine Danny 'The Cheesecake Assassin' Mitchell, MMA fighter extraordinaire and lover of all things sweet, suggested Falsetesers... yes! A clean eating alternative to Maltesers....I like it, thanks Danny!

Read on the for recipe:


cocoa, dates, nuts

130g almonds
130g dates (weighed after the stone was removed)
20g cocoa powder (add more or less to  your own taste)
1tsp vanilla extract (not essence, urgh!)

woman removing stone from dates

Remove the stones from the dates.

chopped nuts poured out of food processor

Finely chop the dates and nuts in a food processor. My processor is tiny, so I had to do this in batches. As all clean eaters will know.. you spend a lot of time chopping! I really must invest in a full size food processor.

Add the cocoa powder and vanilla extract, and pulse again in the processor.

Your mixture should now look like this and should almost hold it's shape when you mould it together, now add water sparingly until you can form the mixture into balls.

chocolate balls on baking tray

Divide the mixture into balls and arrange on a tray. Place in the fridge for a couple of hours....and your Falsetesers are ready!

False'tesers natural dessert

I served the Falsetesers with cherries and a sprinkle of dessicated coconut, but strawberries or orange segments would work equally well.

Enjoy, they're really delicious and prove that clean eating does not have to be bland or boring. Let's finish with a foodie type close-up!

Chocolate balls clean eating treat


Sew,ray,me said…
These sound (and look) really good. Will be pinning this recipe to try, thanks :)
L said…
These look delicious, I will definitely try to make some for my chocolate loving kids (and myself of course :)
edmahoo said…
Fantastic as always Wag Doll! I look forward to trying out some of your recipes, they always look very tasty. I love it how you use the photos to demonstrate what you do. It must take a lot of thought, effort and hard work. Top marks on just that alone. 'Brilliant!'
MrsB said…
Made them yesterday and love them!! I might sneak in some chia seeds next time - it'd be perfect sweet treat for me as I don't eat sugar anymore.
Karima said…
Mmmm - they look delicious - I am feeling hungry now lol!
That sounds like my kind of recipe - nice and simple, and they look scrummy!
Brandi said…
They look really good and easy to make! Thanks for sharing your recipe!
backtosize10 said…
Would the amount of almonds be the same if i already have almond flour?
Wag Doll said…
Hi, well haven't made them with almond flour, but yes I would have through the same weight would work, although the texture would end up different, smoother rather than crunchy. Let me know what they're like :-) x

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