How To Look Stylish For Work In Winter : Camel Coat Outfit

Mastering winter workwear is an art, needing to look chic and professional while still being practical. One of my favourite looks for the office and commute is the classic combination of a camel coat and a black base outfit, paired with sleek leather ankle boots and a matching tote bag.

classic camel winter coat outfit
Camel coat outfit for winter

A classic camel wool coat exudes timeless sophistication and is the mainstay of my winter work wardrobe. The neutral hue not only adds warmth but becomes the focal point to the black base outfit. Whether that's tailored trousers or a chic dress, an all black base provides the perfect canvas, allowing the camel coat to shine. I've opted for a wool blend for warmth and durability.

Soothe by Carvela Comfort : black leather ankle boots with block heel
Soothe black ankle boots by Carvela Comfort

The addition of black leather ankle boots not only infuses a touch of cool style but also ensures practicality in unpredictable winter weather. I've opted for an updated pair here with square to and wearable block heel. Look for comfort features such as memory foam insoles if you are commuting or standing on your feet all day.

Greenwich by Kurt Geiger : black leather tote bag for work
Greenwich leather tote by Kurt Geiger

Complete the ensemble with a black leather tote bag, adding a touch of refinement while still being practical. Spacious enough for your essentials, a large black leather structured bag is always on style.

styling workwear outfit for winter
Camel coat outfit 

The addition of a grey scarf adds interest with a third colour to the outfit and an extra layer of warmth.  Final touches to keep warm are black leather gloves, thermal base layers and I always opt for wool socks to step into winter with confidence and style. 

camel coat and black purse
Classic camel coat styling

Easily shop the look here from my mood board.


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