In Purchases and Personality: Becoming Socially Conscious

 It is something that is more impactful on our lives these days; the topic of ethics, especially when it comes to our style choices, be it your skincare regime and if the products come from an ethical source or if the clothes you buy are stainable rather than fast fashion. Being more ethical or socially conscious in terms of our style becomes critical, not just in terms of the items we buy, but there's a number of different ways to ensure that you can do your bit. Here's some ways to be more socially conscious in your life.

Think Before You Buy

You may be on the hunt for the best jewelry stores for accessories you've been lusting after for so long but it's important at this stage to think about the sources of these products. In terms of jewellery, diamonds can be ethically sourced, but there are a number of unethical sources such as blood diamonds. Additionally, you should think about what you are buying and if it will have a positive impact on your life. For example, if you are purchasing items made by underpaid workers with no labour laws, how will you feel about buying that item? Additionally, look at if the item is fair trade or if the ingredients may be harmful to the environment or your health.

Start Volunteering

A very simple thing, but if you find yourself looking to be more ethically conscious, volunteering is one approach that should be top of the list of your priorities. In terms of fashion, there's opportunities to volunteer with a number of clothing charities, such as the Mend for Good organisation. Volunteering is always one of those things we don't necessarily believe we have time for, but if there's organisations that focus on a particular issue you are passionate about, you can volunteer there whenever you have an opportunity. It's also a great way to learn about how you can have an impact.

Set an Example

Straightforward as this is, if we are trying to be more socially conscious in terms of the products we buy or our mindset, doing simple things that set a good example is a great place to begin. We also don't need to shout from the rooftops about the things we're doing to be more socially conscious, even if we want others to follow suit. Something as simple as recycling at work or not wasting water at home by installing a water butt can be perfect ways to start showing others that the little things truly do make a big difference.

Remember the Importance of Being Respectful

At 40 and over, there is certainly a pulling and pushing of sorts between the past and the future. There's many people our age that don't necessarily care about the appropriate pronouns or have even given up on the idea of changing unconscious bias, but we all need to remember the importance of being open-minded and treating everybody with respect, regardless of who they are. Ultimately, it's nice to be nice and this should be the underpinning of being a more socially conscious individual.


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