Becoming Happier In Your Body - It's A Process

 It’s a shame that many of us feel unhappy with certain parts of our body, because those impressions are in no way natural. After all, if your body is healthy, that is something to celebrate and you shouldn’t have to justify how you look or whatever quirks or unique features you may have.

Body positivity is important to practice, as the more we can accept others for their perceived “flaws,” the more we can accept our own, too. While self-love does seem like it should be the standard, it’s important to recognize that the faulty impressions that may lead you to reject certain parts of your appearance, or disapprove of them, were built via a process, and so unhooking these perspectives takes time, too.

Never fear, for this journey is more than worth it. In this post, we’ll discuss how to become happier with your body, how to prevent insecurities from holding you back, and even start questioning if those insecurities were so bad in the first place:

Working On Posture, Good Sleep & Skincare

A good way to feel happier and more comfortable in yourself is to carry yourself well, and to practice healthy self-care habits. This way, you not only present yourself to the world as someone worth appreciating, but you treat yourself in that manner too. 

Keeping good posture can be a good place to start, because when your chest is out and shoulders back, you feel more present, confident, and assertive. When you focus on a healthy sleeping pattern, you help to dissolve your stress and feel energised as well as dynamic. When you care for your skin, you pamper yourself appropriately and feel good in your wellbeing. These three combined are perfect examples of the pillars of self-care that can help you stand a little taller, and feel a little better about yourself.

Dressing For Who You Are, Not Who You Think You Should Be

It’s important to look at your beauty and fashion regimen and consider just how much of it is “ought” as opposed to “could”. As we get older we might recognize that old habits no longer serve us, or perhaps we’d like to try a new means of focusing on our body, perhaps restraining our style to look more elegant, or simplifying the products we use for health and wellness. This not only saves money, but helps you avoid marketing spiel and instead focus on the products that give you a feeling of wellbeing and happiness.

Accentuating Your Strengths & Loving Your “Flaws”

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, but we’re convinced that your perceived “flaws” aren’t even flaws at all. Slightly “misshapen” lips, hip dips, only one dimple, grey streaks, a little paunch around the stomach area, all of this is completely irrelevant and you’ll still look fantastic, and this is not a “well it’s not that bad” situation, it’s a “this was never a problem to begin with” conviction.

For this reason, you’ll have a healthier insight into your body and its strengths and the little unique quirks you love, even if you do decide to help with private medical services or implement improvement programs like losing a little bit more weight. This road to self-love begins with accepting you for who you are now, and then moving into a healthier version at your own unhurried pace.

With this advice, you’re sure to become happier in your body. We’re sure you’ll look fantastic in every respect.


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