Ensuring Your Health & Wellbeing Efforts Are Sustainable

 Those that like to take good care of themselves will often have a self-care schedule in place for achieving exactly that. After all, self-care is just one part of life, as is dressing well and caring for your beauty regimen. Those things aren’t everything, and they shouldn’t take hours each day to keep up with for the best results.

To look and feel your best, any effort you embark on must be sustainable in the face of a busy

schedule, and give you the chance to flourish without tying you down. This is easier said than done, especially for those newer to the effort and trying to figure out what works for them. But how can you decide on the right path forward?

This post will help you get started in that direction. Ensuring your health and well-being efforts are sustainable will help free up time, and can be taken care of as the days, weeks and months pass.

Keep To A (Flexible) Routine

When we think of weight loss, we tend to think of it as some overarching goal divorced from everything else we have going on in life. This is why when life might be unpredictable for the moment, we can revert back to our previous habits, and perhaps forget the self-improvement effort entirely.

Of course, this is not always the best route forward. It’s important to set up a routine that works for you. Perhaps you’ll exercise three times a week with a thirty minute run, using an incremental progress running app to help you get there. Perhaps you’ll have a set mealtime, and pack healthy lunches before you head to work. If you keep a routine comfortable and flexible when you need it to be, over time you’ll be able to focus on consistency.

Allow For Conveniences & Aids Where Needed

It’s fine to use small conveniences or aids when you need them. For instance, this guide on Exante vs Shake Shake That Weight can help you decide on the best meal replacement shakes for if you’re working and don’t have time to cook.

Additionally, you might purchase an exercise bike at home so you don’t need to commute to the gym every day, or you may even train with a personal trainer able to craft a workout routine designed for you. Alternatively, you might just use the internet, such as fitness sites on forums like Reddit, to ask questions and find a good starting regimen. Don’t assume you have to start from scratch, there’s plenty out there to help you.

Give Yourself Break Days

It’s important to give yourself an appropriate amount of break days. This might be 'deload' weeks where you take a week off from exercising to properly rest, or it might be a day off when you head to a restaurant for your friend’s birthday.

Allowing yourself that pause can prevent weight loss or even weight maintenance to feel like a chore you have to keep up with forever. When you need to take a load off without falling back into bad habits, you can, and you don’t have to justify it to anyone. A healthy approach such as this may help you feel more comfortable than ever before, knowing that you don’t have to feel conflicted every single time you miss the mark by a little.

Take Any Social Support You Can

It can be fun to integrate health and wellbeing into your social life, be that joining a yoga club with a friend, learning to dance with your partner, or just going on long walks with your parent.

If you’re making important changes in your life, it’s also important to be candid about that, and to talk to people who may need to know. Perhaps you’re going vegan and wish to tell friends about it so they don’t actually make you food with animal products, or perhaps you’re trying to quit drinking entirely, and so wish to hang out with friends instead of just at the bar after work.

Sometimes, friends change when you focus on wellbeing, because not everyone wants to live that lifestyle. This can be healthy too, because it’s always good to surround yourself with active people who care about their wellbeing (without being too brittle about this, of course). When you feel supported by your social structure, you tend to feel more comfortable, and able to communicate when you’re frustrated or need guidance. That makes a big difference.

With this advice, you’re sure to progress your health and wellbeing efforts in the best possible way.


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