7 Classy Colours To Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

 When you want to look chic and sophisticated, there are a few clothing colours that you can always rely on. Below are 7 classy colour choices and how to pull them off.


Black is a versatile colour that can be paired with any other colour of clothing. Black semi-casual clothing can give many people a cool and intellectual look. Some people worry  that wearing too much black will make them come across as too gothy, however it depends very much on the items you wear. It’s worth noting that black is a very serious colour - adding pops of colour to an all black outfit is worthwhile if you don’t want to come across too serious. Try adding texture to an all black look for interest, knits, leather and silk.


Off-white colours like ivory can also carry a sophisticated tone - in most cases, more so than plain white. An ivory trench coat can make a great winter statement item, while an ivory sundress is the perfect summer option. Be wary that ivory can stain easily, so is best avoided at events where you may get messy. Ivory goes well with all kinds of colours and can even be mixed with plain white.


For a classier and more serious red tone, choose burgundy. It’s the perfect colour for a sexy but sophisticated evening gown. Burgundy ties are meanwhile great for complimenting a black or grey suit (in fact, burgundy goes really well with grey). Burgundy is also great for jackets, jumpers and skirts. It’s a colour that you can wear all year round and can pair well with most neutral colours. 

Navy blue

Navy blue is chic and surprisingly versatile. In fact, you can wear it with any other colour much like black. Navy blue can evoke feelings of power and authority while also being quite a soothing colour - it’s ideal for a formal suit or dress in a situation where you want to come across as calm and approachable. 


Khaki is probably the most sophisticated tone of green you can choose. It’s a very earthy tone, which can make it quite calming. At the same time, its historic use as a military colour gives it a serious edge. Everything from jumpers to blazers can look great in khaki. This colour works well with neutral colours and blues. 


Mauve is an elegant colour. Like pink, it is regarded as quite feminine, but it has a moodiness to it that makes it feel a little more grown up. Mauve goes really well with black. Paired with dark silver, it also makes a great wedding colour combo. 


The colour champagne is as classy as the drink - a mix of white, yellow and a hint of silver. It’s a popular bridal colour and is favoured by many celebrities. Dresses are the most common item of clothing to incorporate this colour, however you can also buy champagne blouses and champagne jackets that are great for tastefully glamming up a neutral outfit. 


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