The Key Benefits Of Vaping Occasionally And How To Do It Right

If you are new to this term, a "vape" is a device that creates a vapour for you to inhale by heating up a liquid. Examples of such devices include e-cigarettes, hookahs, and pens. Even though vaping is often painted negatively, it appears to be a healthier alternative compared to smoking cigarettes.

Vaping devices come in various shapes, sizes, and colours and use an aerosol by-product. The vapour in these devices is obtained from heating liquid that could either consist of subtle chemicals or flavouring. 

You will also be able to find vape liquids that are infused with CBD. There are some advantages to vaping on occasion, some of which will be discussed below:

1. Vaping Is Less Dangerous Than Smoking

According to the British Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England and the American National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes. 

This is because there is no combustion or smoke in vaping, so carbon monoxide and tar that lead to health issues are prevented. This means those that use vapes are able to use the device without any major health concerns. You should still speak to your doctor if you have any concerns either before getting started, or during.

2. No Offensive Odours

Even though some e-cigarettes are tobacco-flavoured, they do not smell like burning tobacco. This makes the smell of e-cigarettes bearable compared to cigarettes. There is also no risk of passive smoking with vaping. So, vaping can be done around bystanders without the risk of them being affected. You can get liquids that give off this smell on purpose, if that was what you were looking for.

As mentioned above, some vape liquids will have CBD infused. CBD has a number of benefits, most associated with relieving anxiety symptoms. The heated CBD e-juice used in vaping often comes in different customised and pre-existing flavours. Flavoursome CBD e-juices , such as those on offer from JM Wholesale, will be pleasant to smell as well as use. Businesses will stock their range of products, as they are high quality and well reviewed. 

Vape devices have a more pleasant smell compared to regular cigarettes, which is one of the most significant advantages of vaping. You don't have to worry about the smell of cigarettes in your clothes, car, or house. 

3. Control Over Nicotine Intake

With vaping, you get complete control over your intake of nicotine. The vape is available in nicotine-free and high-strength nicotine. This means you can choose the level of nicotine you take in your vape, either high, lower or no nicotine at all.

4. Control Over Vapour Output

When vaping, you get a chance to control the amount of vapour you exhale. Adjusting the airflow, coil type, and power output allow you to fine-tune the vapour volume. Depending on your preferences, vaping can be subtle or steady.

5. An Excellent Alternative For Long term Smokers

The harmful effects of tobacco have been established long before now. Smoking can be pretty addictive. This is why if you intend to smoke tobacco, instead of subjecting your body to the numerous health issues that come with it, vaping serves as a healthier alternative. They are a better option for the environment, especially if you intend to smoke around bystanders.

6. Vaping Helps Quit Smoking 

If you have been trying to quit smoking for a while but have remained unsuccessful at it, you can switch to vaping. This is a practical solution to quitting smoking and a very healthy alternative. A UK NIHR-funded, clinical trial research showed that a standard vape or e-cigarette was twice as effective at getting smokers to quit compared to nicotine replacement therapy.

How To Vape The Right Way

If you are new to vaping or have been at it for a while, you should always be careful when inhaling. Vaping properly is often overlooked. You can experience coughing or a bad nicotine rush when done without care. 

So, how do you vape properly? 

First, be careful while you inhale. Avoid taking quick shot drags as you would with a cigarette.

Be familiar with and understand how your vaping device works. Some e-cigarettes come with an activation button, while others don't. 

To vape properly, start with a few short puffs before taking a long drag of about 3 to 5 seconds. 

While at it, purse your lips around the mouthpiece to prevent an air gap. 

Depending on what you prefer, you can either exhale the vapour without inhaling it or take the vapour directly to your lungs after inhaling.


Vapes come in a variety of flavours and devices. Once you find the perfect vape device, you should stick to it, keeping in mind that this is much healthier than smoking actual cigarettes.

The transition from smoking to vaping is quite simple, so if you intend to switch to vaping, there is hardly a thing to worry about. And for those trying to quit cigarettes, keeping a vape pen around you instead of a cigarette can be helpful. This way, you can reach for it whenever the need arises. 

With these in mind, you know what to expect from vaping and how to do it correctly.


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