6 Steps You Can Take To Get Better Sleep

For various reasons, many adults in the UK are not getting enough sleep. Some reports mention that around 35% of adults struggle to sleep. It is necessary to devise strategies for such an important biological activity. If you experience poor sleep or simply want to improve your sleeping habits, this article discusses five steps that you can take to get better sleep.

Figure Why You Get Poor Sleep

Your first action is to figure out why you don’t get enough sleep or sleep poorly. Poor sleep is primarily a result of many reasons, so you should carefully study your daily sleep routines to find out why. You might need to keep track of certain things such as when you have dinner, your active/peak periods, daily water consumption, screen time, etc. You should be able to figure out one or more reasons why good sleep seems beyond your grasp.

Limit Screen Time Before Bed

For all their good, your gadgets and smartphones may be preventing you from having a good sleep. Researchers have established scientific links between unregulated screen time and poor sleep. If you spend hours peering into your screen every day, you might find falling asleep at night difficult. Bright light reduces or inhibits melatonin production. Melatonin controls the sleep cycle. Experts recommend that we turn off screens at least two hours before sleeping to improve melatonin production.

Increase Physical Activity

Increasing physical activities such as exercise is another way to get better sleep. Exercise improves blood circulation around the body, promotes the secretion of certain hormones, and triggers a ‘weary state’ that may increase melatonin secretion. That’s why you feel sleepy after some intense physical activity. You can, through well-planned exercise, get your body to get good sleep.

Use Natural Supplements

Natural supplements are healthy alternatives to sleeping pills as they have little or no side effects and are entirely from nature. Cannabidiol (CBD), for example, contains certain compounds with attractive qualities that have been used for centuries to help people sleep better. Technological advances make it possible to extract high-quality CBD oil for various uses. You should consider trying out some cannabidiol capsules made by CBD Queen.

Limit Naps

Naps are powerful for reinvigorating your energy during intense physical activity. But too many daytime naps could make it difficult to fall asleep at night. Limiting your daytime naps is a great way to condition your body for night sleep. You should create a sleep pattern and stick to it; try not to disrupt the routine often.

Watch Your Meals And Liquid Intake

Meals play vital roles in our lives, from providing energy to providing biological building blocks. But your meals may be why you don’t fall asleep on time or have trouble sleeping peacefully at night. Drinking plenty of water before bed may keep you making hourly trips to the bathroom, effectively interrupting your sleep. Ingesting above the recommended amount of sugar, dairy, and caffeine may significantly impact your sleep habits.


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